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Everything you need to know about webwatcher

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The first thing you need to know about this is how to install webwatcher. If you suspect that your child or spouse is doing something wrong behind your back, you might need a webwatcher

The internet is a great place because it opens up so many opportunities for others to learn. However, social media platforms and private chat rooms can cause troubles too. While there are several positive impacts of the internet, one cannot deny the negative impacts that come with it. Hence, it is extremely necessary to choose carefully

If you are concerned about your child, it is advisable to get a parental control app to monitor your children. The right webwatcher can play an important role in helping you track your children

What is webwatcher?

A webwatcher is one of the most renowned software for parental control to monitor the child’s activity. This software aims to prevent the children from befriending individuals who may be harmful to them or strangers. It captures all the target data and then displays it on a secure platform

With the help of Webwatcher, parents can check the call logs, web history, text messages and location of their children. One of the platform’s greatest benefits is that it allows monitoring the various social media apps, too like Tinder, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. You can access the software from iOS and Android

Prominent Features of Webwatcher

Over the past few years, WebWatcher has gained extreme popularity. Parents and business organisations have been using this app to keep a check on their kids and employees, respectively

One of the main reasons for its popularity is the wide availability of features. Some of the prominent features of WebWatcher include the following.

Optimal Compatibility

WebWatcher is one of those software that is compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can use it on your laptop or Windows PC too

Web-based monitoring

Earlier, it was close to impossible to monitor someone’s online activity. But, things have become pretty easy now. The software can easily record the data and transfer it into your account, thereby ensuring convenience

SMS Text Messages

WebWatcher is not meant only for tracking online activities. With this software’s help, you can monitor offline text messages as well, what the child is sending and receiving. This plays an important role in increasing security and safety

Call Log History

Apart from online activities, WebWatcher also allows you to monitor call log history. It can help you analyse the phone number, call duration and time of the call. Furthermore, you will be able to track if your child is receiving any stressful calls or just general ones

App monitoring

Technology is moving at a fast pace. Hence, many children may indulge in illicit activities. Therefore, in situations like this, parents need to monitor their apps. WebWatcher is the perfect app buddy for parents who want to know what apps their kids have installed


WebWatcher sends out email warnings for protection. Hence, you must keep a check with the app and watch carefully what your child has been doing.