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Everything You Must Know About VenaSeal Treatment For Varicose Veins

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A breakthrough development to treat varicose veins is the VenaSeal Varicose treatment. The VenaSeal Varicose glue is a medical glue composed of cyanoacrylate that is used to stop and seal a primary defective vein that is causing problems. This glue aims at closing the Saphenous vein in the upper thigh.

The standard procedure goes from selecting the faulty vein, using the VenaSeal to close it, and letting it develop as a sclerotic tissue that the body will eventually engulf. This treatment has incredible outcomes and is furthermore minimally invasive.

How does it work?

A minor amount of VenaSeal glue is slipped into the vein via a catheter to close it. As the vein is narrowed, blood is supplied to other healthy veins, and this vein then becomes a hard tissue that the body will gradually absorb. The advantage of VenaSeal is that this is a minimally invasive procedure and does not require the patient to be kept on large doses of anesthetics and drugs in the pre-surgery period.

The after-effects are minimal and you don’t need to wear compression stockings or take medicines to thin blood. There is no injury to any other tissue as compared to nerve tissue damage seen in conventional methods of varicose veins treatment.

What body part treatment does it help in?

VenaSeal treatment helps treat Pelvic, Vulvar, and Vaginal Varicose veins that may appear or develop during pregnancy and may spread to lower limbs. It’s always advisable to consult a phlebologist for early diagnosis and assessing your treatment options.

Is this procedure effective?

The success rates of the VenaSeal Varicose procedure are 98.9 and are minimally invasive, with no recorded side effects. This doesn’t tend to cause any complications as compared to traditional surgical methods.

Also, there is minimum anesthetics use and causes no harm to nerve tissue. VenaSeak aims to treat more than one being in a single sitting. The entire treatment can be done in 2-4 weeks, excellent results are guaranteed and that too painlessly.

What is the composition of VenaSeal Glue?

VenaSeal glue has been designed in medical labs after a lot of research and development work. It is commonly referred to as cyanoacrylate and has some very special properties. Cyanoacrylates have been used for a long time to treat minor incisions and skin lesions.

The polymerization capacity of this glue is very high and quickly seals a vein and ceases the blood supply. VenaSeal is antibacterial and has been proven to have no side effects.

Does the vein in which VenaSeal procedure is done cause a problem?

The loss of the varicose vein that has been treated is not a problem because the body starts supplying blood by rerouting it through other veins.

What to keep in mind before your appointment?

You do not have to shave your legs just before the treatment procedure. Inform the surgeon of all the medications you are currently taking. Also, do not moisturize and oil your skin before the meeting. Always wear comfortable, breathable clothing, and in case you have very low pain tolerance, it’s advisable to take a painkiller after talking with the surgeon.

VenaSeal treatment is thus a painless solution to varicose veins and doesn’t require you to wear compression leggings or to undergo laser operations. Hence, the success rate of this is very high, and you need not worry if this will work. Schedule an appointment today and treat yourself from the varicose veins soon.