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Essential Choices for the Perfect Streaming Now

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Popular streaming services (and with the necessary resources) like Youtube or Twitch, have a global server network to reduce lag and improve the quality of video. However all live streams are at the mercy of the streamer’s connection. As you can imagine, streamers do not have OCA at their disposal. We can however count on the perpetual improvement of internet connections to make Live possible today and the upcoming implementation of 5G will make this technology even more fluid and efficient.

The future of the stream in video games?

The idea of ​​playing a game on your browser is not new. A good part of the internet is dedicated to mini-games and some people are only registered on Facebook to access Farmville or Candy Crush. Some of you have, however, already heard of a new type of browser game that developers are currently working on, more resource-intensive games that we had to install on our machine until now and which were much more resource-hungry than a simple online mini-game. With Smartcric you can find the best choices.

  • To be clear, we are not talking about a Farming Simulator live stream on Twitch or Youtube, we are talking about playing triple A titles without a dedicated console or PC at 1000 €. The principle of video game streaming is actually quite simple once you understand how streaming works: A remote server takes care of “running the game” and it just sends you the video / audio stream you have need to play. Services like Google Project Stream or NVidia GEForce Now promise that even an old computer at € 100 will be able to run the last most greedy titles. This will save a lot of money for some people and above all eliminate the barrier of physical limitations that has always weighed on video games.

Smart Streaming

Obviously, streaming a video game on your computer is a bit more complex than streaming a movie. You don’t just download a static file; You interact with this file in real time. If there is the slightest lag between the controls and the information on the screen, the game becomes unplayable. We can compare VoIP services like Skype or Discord as the precursors to Streaming video games, since they require a good connection in both directions (input: to listen; output: to speak). But the streaming of video games must be much more fluid. In a Skype conversation it is not very disturbing to have a small second of latency between the sending and the reception of a message, on a game it is a nightmare.


The big video game streaming services start to get interesting if you have a good Fiber connection, but this technology will really start to be talked about when the new WiFi 6 standard and mobile 5G are available. Google and NVidia are the two main competitors in the sector, it is NVidia which has managed to stand out recently with their GeForce Now, they have teamed up with Asus to release Gaming WiFi 6 routers equipped with this technology.