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Escort Etiquettes: How to Treat an Escort

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An escort service is a legal service in which a person hires a professional escort through a company for his/her personal need of companionship and entertainment purposes. An escort is basically someone who accompanies you to a party, for a weekend getaway or even a vacation. This is a paid service, in which the amount is estimated by the number of hours or days you spend with your escort.

Men hire an escort who is attractive, classy and have a great personality. The company you approach for an escort presents you with many options of glamorous escorts out of which you can choose your partner and pre-book an escort as per your desire. As escorts are hired for private as well as public views, they need to more than just a pretty face. Escorts at are not only great looking but also have great backgrounds and are educative.

Being an escort is a legal profession, as much as being a doctor or lawyer is. While being with an escort, a man needs to treat and regard his partner with the utmost respect and best of his manners. Not everyone knows the art of treating a woman who needs to be treated in a gentle and delicate manner. Following are some useful tips for you to know how to deal with escorts:

  1. A good conversation: The first move that you need to make is to have a pleasant conversation with your partner in order to make her comfortable. It will be easier for both of you if you get to know each other. Spending time together is so much more fun when you get along with each other.
  2. Stay away from her personal life: As much comfortable as she gets with you, you have no right to ask her personal questions and make things uneasy for her. Poking in her life unwillingly can make things awkward for both of you. She is on her professional visit and would not want to discuss how her family feels about her profession or how she manages her education along with her professional life. It is quite okay if she initiates any personal conversation, but you being a gentleman should always respect her choice of topics regarding her private life.
  3. Respect her decision: You should not fast forward your conversation directly to ask her if wants to be physically intimate with you or not. Fooling around with her, without her consent is the most disrespectful thing you can do. Discussing this topic without making her feel comfortable will definitely scare her away. The key job of an escort is to accompany you where you want to take her, and not necessarily be involved physically with you. It is her right and her final word whether she wants to be intimate or not. And it is your duty to respect her decision gracefully and respectfully.
  4. Clear her dues: It really does not matter whether you guys had a good time or not, but clearing her payment is the first thing you should do when you guys meet. It sways away from the awkwardness. Giving her a great tip, in the end, is also a sign of a true gentleman.