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Enjoying your Park Home and the Best Decorative Tips and Tricks

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Many people move into a park home when they retire. Park homes are a great way to make the most of retirement as they tend to have a great community feel to them. Places like these Park Home Life Bedfordshire park homes are immensely popular with people who have recently retired and are looking for a place to enjoy their retired years.

Park homes are popular because they tend to cater for people who are all at a similar stage in life. They are a great way to make new friends, join groups and clubs, and find out about new hobbies that you might now have the time to actually enjoy!

Park homes are a little different to a regular brick house however, so when it comes to decorating, here are a few hints and tips to help you make the most of your park home…

Storage – There are lots of great ways that you can utilise clever storage ideas in a park home. Using walls and vertical storage is one of the best ways to both add the illusion of height to a room. Shelving is a great way to gain more storage in a park home and is also good for making everything accessible.

Colours – A clean white ceiling is a good idea throughout as it creates a flowing open space. Adding a feature wall can create interest and add some colour to a room. You could paint a block colour, use some detailed patterned wallpaper or use a few different trending colours for interior design and create really unique statement wall to add some drama to the room! When creating a feature wall, work with the room and how the light works in there – consider the time of the day the room gets the sunlight, and which wall the light will be on.

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Furniture – When choosing furniture for a park home it is important to remember that you will want to utilise your space. Furniture that can easily be moved and create a flexible living arrangement is great for a park home. For example, a table that can fold out to be larger when needed and folded back down is a great idea. It is also good to consider furniture placement. Considering where to put the furniture that makes the best use of the space that you have is important.

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 Decorative – Mirrors are a great way to not only add interest to a wall but also, they reflect light and make the room appear more spacious. Placing a mirror opposite the window is a great way to add a lot more light to the room. As well as mirrors, lighting is definitely something that you should explore – from wall lights to standing lamps, as well as string lights to add a cosy and homely feel to your space. Have a look at how various styles of lights change the space before you decide as you will be surprised at how different lighting can change the mood of a room.