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Enjoy Skiing At Shirahige Kogen & Reside At The Best Guest House

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Have you ever wished to ski at the most exotic place, but don’t know where to go? If so then you should consider Shirakaba Kogen. It is the best ski resort you can travel to, the location offers skiers a prominent 300 meters of vertical descent. Shirakaba Kogen is great for beginners and snowboarders.

Just imagine gliding down a mountain with the sun glistening on surrounding snow-covered peaks, all crowned with a deep blue, clear sky. It has to be the most magical feeling on earth. Furthermore, many a time ski lovers take a step back from traveling to such locations due to a lack of residing places. But this issue will not stop you from traveling to Shirakaba Kogen. This time all your staying requirements will be fulfilled at Shirakaba Kogen. Here you will get the best guest house that will give you a comfortable and secure space to reside. Navigate here for more info.

Here are some tips for skiers of all levels that will help you to enjoy the sensation of skiing at Shirakaba Kogen.

The Basics

Gravity – This takes you from the top to the bottom of the mountain and in the most direct route. This is not always a secure and most preferred route so being able to steer and stop is key.

Balance – Snow is very slippery here, trying to balance while sliding down would not be easy but it will be a lot of fun. You will need a stance that will make you comfortable and stable at the same time.

Dress Code – Try to stay warm. It’s best to check the weather forecast before you get ready for skiing as it will give you a rough idea about the weather outside. And through this, you can dress well to keep yourself warm.

Protect your skin- Snow reflects the sun rays which can give you tanning so don’t forget to pack plenty of sunscreens. Some sunscreen also gives your skin a protective layer that stops wind and cold burn too.

Lastly, ski with care, don’t get injured and enjoy like never before.