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ELO Boosting: Definition and Importance

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ELO Boosting is nothing but a combination of the legends that are playing in a league and the league is full of terminologies. There are many of the terms that are termed while playing in the game and these terms are understood by the players that are expert in that game. There are some of the terms like surfing, ganking bot and all these terms are so hard to read and understand then the meaning of these phrases are understood.

The league of legends player’s are the pro level players as they have become great by playing such hard game and the people who have understood it are going through many things. The people that are playing with this game have come across to ELO boosting and this is the very common word in term of this game. Now, the people would be confused with the term ELO boosting and the people who are not known with these terms are like what are it and what the significance of it is whereas the people who are experts in this game would be very familiar with it and would find this word the basic and the root thing. There are certain things like lol elo boost which is associated with ELO boosting and the people that have not heard this term would have never got the chance to be exposed with the secret world and they have been missing something great.

In this article, we have prepared detailed information related to the working of the boosting and what are the different terms that you have been encountered with. Let us begin with the brief and fast discussion over the term ELO boosting. ELO boosting is nothing but a Match Making Rating and this is the other name for this boosting and the task in this is very simple. The players that are playing in it have to be good at this because in this the players that have been playing in this field have the access over the accounts of the other users and they have the power to increase or boost the rank of a single-player whom they find capable enough and this increased boosting rank helps them to reach and receive things in some other level.

The person who is boosting the rank of the player is known as the booster and the person whose rank is boosted is known as a booster. As the booster has given the advantage to the boosted by boosting up the speed of him then he gets the opportunity to access the account of the player and then they can now fulfill the service of the player by helping them.


This article holds the basic idea about the ELO boosting and then where is the place it is used and what is the significance of it in the game of league of legends. The people that are playing it know the value and the significance of the ELO boosting and this is the best thing to win and achieve the required result of the game.