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Different Types Of Sports

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What Are Sports? How Can They Be Enjoyed?

Sport is a physical and / or mental activity governed by a number of rules. It can be done individually or collectively. In the first case, we speak of individual sports, and in the second, of team sports. In either case, sports and recreation take place in a competitive environment and use values ​. The thrill an athlete such as Kevin Sheehan would get when playing sports or when winning a game is unimaginable. Values such as the following will greatly help to keep them boosted and well-motivated:

  • Competitiveness
  • Fair play
  • Respect towards the opponent
  • Reflection
  • Brotherhood/Sisterhood

As for the rules, they are usually established according to the nature of the sport, whether it is an individual sport a collective sport, or the disciplines of the disabled sport. The disciplines of the hands-on sport designate the sports practiced by the handicapped persons or with reduced mobility. Their rules have particularities, given the particular physical condition of the people who practice them. To these types of sports, one must also add the notion of water sports, extreme sports, outdoor sports, and winter sports.

Some Sports Disciplines

Here again, many subdivisions exist, depending on the nature of the sport. For individual sports, for example, we can count as disciplines:

  • Martial arts (judo, karate, fencing)
  • Boxing
  • Archery
  • Tennis (it can however be played in a team)

When speaking of sports team, we usually have the following:

  • Football
  • Handball
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Volleyball

Meanwhile, the winter sports usually count among other disciplines, skiing, surfing or even snowboarding. Swimming is certainly the first discipline that comes to mind when it comes to water sports. However, sports and water sports can also be related, since they have similarities. Sailing and rowing are examples. Extreme sports, as their name may imply, refer to risky sporting activities, which may expose practitioners to serious injury in the event of negligence, lightness, or error of any kind. They are often practiced on land as in the air, or sometimes at sea, and require speed, height, great physical stamina, and obviously specific equipment.

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