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Day Rates For Handymen In UK

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Handymen in UK are among the most wanted groups of professionals in UK, with their demand rising at an annual rate of 5.5% per year. It is important to gather the desired professional skills as a handyman to make a good living. On an average, the reputed companies offer around £12 to £15 to the handymen per hour. However, the rates vary according to the location and demand for the professionals. The average day rate for a handyman in UK is around £90. In the last few months, the demand for handymen has increased in the country, especially in the manufacturing sector. The dearth of skilled professionals in the industry is evident from the fact, that the agencies and companies are ready to pay as much as £17 per hour to individual professionals, who come with the necessary skills.

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Trends of employment for handymen is visible in UK, especially in the last six months. While the vacancies for employees in all other professions show a downward trend, marked at -2.5%, the demand for handymen has increased. The engineering and industrial sectors are in need for trained professionals. Employees with enough skills often choose an individual career. However, it is necessary to market one’s own skills and get the contracts, when you pursue an individual career.

Variation in salaries of handymen according to industries

Well, the average income for handymen in UK per year is around £24,449. However, a certain variation is evident in the rates offered by different industries. While handymen working in the engineering, utilities and manufacturing sectors make around £25,000 per year, professionals working in the construction industry get £22,492 per year, on an average. From this statistic, it is evident that the demand for handymen in UK varies according to the nature of work and the skill levels. In any case, the employees working with companies or agencies hardly reach the average national income, marked at 31,500.

However, in order to hike the salaries, the handymen often focus on improving their core skills. While an employee makes around £6.5 per hour at the beginning of the career, he can get more than £12 when he gathers experience for three to five years. Besides, better opportunities await skilled professionals in established companies. However, the best option to increase the hourly rate is to go for an individual career. Handymen with a substantial amount of experience in the industry makes around £17 per hour, which takes the daily income to more than $100. Evidently, it is necessary to approach the right employment zones to get a constant flow of work throughout the year.

How can handymen in UK enjoy an increment in their salary?

The best way to enjoy a hike in salary is to promote your core skills in the industry. A professional may start his career as an apprentice. Over the next five years, it is necessary to make job changes from time to time, until the employee makes around £10-12 per hour. Later, you can move on to better-paying companies, or establish yourself as an individual handyman in the industry you are comfortable with. Whether you work with a company or choose an individual career, it is necessary to gain the necessary skills. With more openings coming up for handymen in UK, trained professionals have good opportunities for their career in the upcoming years.