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Czech footballers who played successfully in the Premier League

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The English Premier League or also known as Barclay’s Premier League is one of the most popular football tournaments in the world. It is also a difficult league considering the fact that there are several high profile and strong teams which compete against each other. Thus producing a new champion almost every year. None of the teams are able to dominate the league for long time. The League has several players from different countries all over the world. Here are the top Czech footballers who showed that football in Eastern Europe produce great talents.

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Peter Cech – Peter Cech is one of the most popular goalkeepers of all time in the EPL. He was signed by Chelsea in 2005 after a magnificent performance for his national team Croatia in 2003-2004. Since then Peter has proved why he has always been under the radar of different football clubs not only in England but also outside. From Chelsea he moved to Arsenal and played their for a long time. He has played more than 750+ games in the EPL and won 4 Premier Leagues, 1 Champions League and 4 FA Cup titles with different teams.

Tomas Rosicky – Tomas Rosicky is know for his stylish midfield play and excellent strategic qualities he showed on the pitch. He played for more than 4 years for Borussia Dortmund untill he was signed by Arsenal in 2006. He successfully made Arsenal’s midfield stronger than before by joining up with team mates like Andrei Arshavin, Alexander Hleb and Theo Walcott. He scored 28 goals in 247 matches in Arsenal and won 2 FA Cup titles. He played football in Eastern Europe for Sparta Prague in 2016-17.

Milan Baros – one of the greatest Czech striker ever born, Milan Baros used to play for Banik Ostrava from 2000-2002. In 2002 season he was signed by Liverpool. Baros showed his masterclass finishes and excellent dribbles for the Reds. In 108 matches Baros played for Liverpool he scored 27 goals. In the year of 2005 he was signed by Aston Villa but he successfully left behind a brilliant Eastern European legacy at Liverpool.

So here are some of the top players who came to the EPL after playing football in Eastern Europe. Each of them have helped their sides to win titles and leagues consistently and showed the world that the Eastern part of the globe can manage to produce world class players.