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Choosing the Right Turf Aerator for Your Needs

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Have you recently bought a new house with a beautiful lawn attached to it? Or maybe you have recently started taking an interest in maintaining your lawn? In either case, lawn aeration is vital for a healthy lawn since it can loosen the soil and let the roots dig deep. So, it is about time you get your own green tow behind turf aerator.

However, before getting one, you must understand the various aerators and their offerings. In fact, with the global lawn and garden equipment industry worth north of $30 billion, you will be met with endless choices.

So, read on to choose the right turf aerator for your lawn.

Choose the type of turf aerator based on function.

Your lawn health isn’t going to stay the same if you simply water and maintain it. You also need to pay heed to the soil, ensuring it retains its integrity over time. There is a wide range of turf aerators that will help you do just that.

To choose the right turf aerator that doesn’t burden your pockets and is also effective, you must understand the various types. They are as follows:

Shoe Spike lawn aerators 

Shoe spike lawn aerators are the most basic soil aerators available out there. These are essentially shoes with spikes to punch holes into the soil and maintain aeration. The initial investment is relatively less. On top of that, giving the show spike lawn aerators a spin around your lawn will also help you get some physical exercise.

However, there are quite a few cons attached to it. One wrong step and you will end up with a twisted ankle. So, be careful when you use these soil aerators.

Manual lawn aerator tools 

Manual lawn aerator tools are yet another inexpensive way to aerate your lawn. You can easily target smaller areas such as the ones around patios, house corners, heavily used footpaths, etc.

You can use pitchforks to punch holes in the soil manually. You can use other hand tools to stick to the manual approach. However, this isn’t quite efficient.

Tow-behind turf aerators

Tow-type lawn aerators are generally attached to the back of a lawnmower or a tractor. These aerators speed up the process quite a bit since they eliminate manual efforts from the equation.

A green tow behind turf aerator also comes with coring tines. These tines are used to get rid of soil plugs in your lawn. Additionally, some of these tow behind aerators also offer extra weight for better and deeper soil aeration.

You can also go for a model that simply has slicing knives to cut minute openings in the soil. However, you must keep in mind that you need to use these aerators properly. These aerators will help you speed up the process and cover more ground; you need to make sure that these knives or tines dig deep. You might have to make multiple passes over the soil to achieve the level of aeration you want to achieve.

Wrapping up 

Here is everything you need to know before making the right turf aerator choice. These aerators stretch across various price ranges and degrees of effectiveness. Understand your budget and your needs, and choose a turf aerator that satisfies both factors.