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Choosing the Right Dog Breed for You

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Well, hello there, dog lovers! You are probably in one of the most exciting periods of your life. Your Instagram feed is filled with cute puppies running around. You are thinking about getting them all! They really are unique and sweet animals.

The feeling of unconditional love is the best way for our emotional wellbeing. Your day will be filled with tons of great and funny moments, and you will always have your faithful buddy by your side.

But how do you choose which one to get? They all seem cute and the right one for you. But the truth is there are a couple of things about each dog personality you should know. They can match your own character or the personality in your life that you are missing.

So, if you want your mood to increase dramatically, keep reading! We will go over some of the things you should consider when buying a dog. Follow the link to learn more:


Although they provide enormous happiness, they can be quite challenging if you have a small space and a big dog. It will keep you happy, but if you decide to buy one, you need to think about making it happy too!

The dog needs to be walked and have a space to run and play. So, if you have a small apartment may be the right one for you is a small one. That way, the pet won’t feel so trapped inside. It will be a better place to live for you too.

It can also hurt easily on sharp edges if it has a long tail, or it can do damage in the apartment.

Bigger ones are usually harder to keep clean. They have long hair, and it is hard to even keep your apartment clean all the time. Very large ones eat more, so consider how much you are willing to put aside your monthly budget.

Personality and activity 

Another thing to have in mind is that there are different types of dog personalities. It true that the activity level is usually determined by the breed. But there are exceptions, of course, so you shouldn’t rely 100% on that.

If you know you have time to walk your dog or you want it to keep you company while jogging, you need a breed that it’s more active like Golden Retrievers. They are kind and energetic. They don’t have the problem adjusting to unfamiliar people. This is good if you often have guests at home and don’t want them to feel scared. You can get more info about the beautiful personality of Golden Retrievers anyway on the internet!

But if you are the type of person that doesn’t have the time to keep a strict exercise routine, you might want to get a dog with a lower energy level.

Anyway, over time you will need to see what type of personality your dog has and the way he adjusted to your lifestyle. Excess energy can produce behavior problems. So, if you want the pet to keep you happy, make sure you keep it too!


When you’ve decided about your dog’s size, personality, and activity level, you need to think about what dog age you are looking for.

Puppies are cute, small, and for sure, they are the ones that melt your heart the most. But they require a great deal of attention and, of course, training. Habits can be hard to make when you are not really an expert in this field. Read more here.

So, you will spend a lot of time on the internet searching for how to properly train your puppy. This is not necessarily hard, especially if you enjoy spending more time with your puppy. You can always hire an expert to help you get past this phase.

An older dog may be a better solution if you are not quite ready to spend time training your pet. You can search for a pet with already acquired habits. Anyhow you will definitely have a wonderful time!

Make sure you take your time and look for the perfect one for you. The bonding experience between your dog and you can be difficult to break for both of you.