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Can You Use a Tree Puller for Skid Steer For More Than Trees?

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Yes, you certainly can. You can use a tree puller for skid steer for more than just trees. While a tree puller isn’t the most adaptable accessory on the market, it may save you a lot of time and effort in a few situations. However, as a tool intended expressly for pulling trees, this attachment has several noticeable benefits, which I will go through.


A tree puller can remove a variety of vegetation in addition to trees. Bushes, weeds, saplings, and stumps can all be removed using it. Aside from plants, tree pullers make quick work of removing fence posts. You know how difficult it is to remove a well-placed fence post (or 50) if you’ve ever attempted it.


The following is an example of how well a tree puller for skid steer works: You pull up to the object you wish to remove, clamp it, and remove it. The fence posts will be unaffected. The roots will generally come out intact when you pull trees or other vegetation.

Pulling out the root system — Pulling out the root system substantially reduces the possibility of regeneration. There is a substantial probability of regrowth if the roots are left alone. You won’t run into the roots when plowing or raking the area now that they’re out of the way.

Working alone – The tree puller enables an operator to remove things swiftly and independently. Using chains to take out hundreds of articles is a time-consuming, inefficient method that frequently necessitates the assistance of a second person.

Pulling vegetation selectively — With a skid steer tree puller, you may pick and choose which plants you want to remove. If your bushes are too close together, for example, a tree puller can go in there and remove only the plants you want to be removed while leaving the others unchanged.


Look for the following features before purchasing a tree puller for skid steer:

Operating capacity: Your skid loader’s operating capacity is the most critical limiting factor. The heavier the things that can haul, the higher the machine’s operational capability. Trees of small size (1-3) “In most cases, they aren’t a problem and can be readily pulled out at the root. Trees that are taller (4 feet) “or larger in diameter) will necessitate more power and may prove difficult depending on the other considerations listed below.

Ground condition and climate – Vegetation will have deeper roots in drier climates, and pulling will be more difficult due to stricter ground conditions (such as clay).

Type of vegetation – Some trees and plants have deeper root systems, while others have shallower roots. Knowing what kind of vegetation you’ll be working with will assist you in finding a tree puller that’s up to the job.

Guarded cylinder – Protecting your cylinder from falling debris will prevent damage and increase the life of your cylinder.

Jaw opening – A tree puller can only catch things that fit between its jaws.

Jaw spacing – Keeping a small distance between the jaws by applying a solid stop at the tip of the jaws will allow you to draw little trees out without shearing them.

By considering all of these factors, you should choose the best tree puller for skid steer based on your requirements.