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Can you change the child’s last name after divorce?

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After winning the custody of the child, one of the most frequently asked questions is whether or not they can change the last name of the child. As per the trend of marriage, one spouse takes the surname of the other. If the marriage isn’t working out, divorce is the only option. 

If the mother wins custody of the child and refuses to take up the last name of the father, she needs to determine whether or not the child gets it or not. If you are looking forward to changing the surname of the child, you must look for all legal processes as well. 

The court must approve the request

The name of the child is his or her identity, and it is registered everywhere. Suddenly asking for a change in the name can not only be confusing for the child but everyone else as well. Moreover, in some cases, it can cause emotional distress as well. If you are looking forward to changing the name of the child, you will need to seek the permission of the court. 

In Utah, the mothers are required to file a petition for seeking a formal name change. Moreover, she should also notify the father. If the mother fails to provide any proof,the court will not entertain such orders and will eventually refuse. If the father is notified, they will get the opportunity to contest and challenge it. 

Does the custody have any impact? 

The custody, however, does not have any impact on the surname of the child. However, this does have an impact on filing the petition. Both the parents should be informed about the name change irrespective of who is in charge of the child or who won the custody. 

Several factors will have an impact on the name change procedure of the child. The parent may need to take in consideration benefits. You can consider reaching to Provo divorce attorney to understand the legal procedures. Hiring the attorney can eventually help in solving even complex cases.