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Can you be in love with two people?

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Does love make sense to last forever? Are we the same at 20, 30, 40, or older? Does our partner take the same direction as us in our evolution? Not easy, especially since time often does its job of undermining. That is why it is more than likely that at some point in our lives, a meeting or a great friendship with someone is gradually turning into a feeling of love, thus making us doubt the established conviction that one would only have eyes for one person, “the official.”

Is it possible to love two people at once? Can we be in love with two women or two men at the same time, or is it just a pretext to cover up the desires of infidelity?

Love only one person: social conditioning?

It is true that in our modern and traditional societies, our vision of the relationship and more generally that of the couple is conceived and built exclusively by a relationship between two people. The couple remains above all a prerequisite for the creation of a family by designing children from two individuals (often a man and a woman) — the love serving as a “link” necessary for this realization.

But beyond the couple and the family, comes the notion of the individual. The fulfillment and balance of the latter are the sinequanones conditions for the development and balance of the rest. As such, we often rely too much on our partner to help us achieve this goal that often depends only on ourselves.

Indeed it is unrealistic to think that our partner will bring us everything and all the time at all levels. Then can come the moment when we think we can fill these gaps with a third person without having the intention to destroy what has already been built.

Do not confuse desire and love

It is easy to get lost between love and desire. It is straightforward to desire two women or two men at the same time. Only, it is much less so to put the same emotional implication in two relations at the same time. To love with love is to support a person, to have time (a lot) to devote to him and especially to have common projects with her. It is objectively tough to meet all its conditions for two people.

To love is above all to give, and it is difficult to provide the same commitment to two people at the same time.


love triangle

Is your love life divided between your ex and your current partner? Between an official spouse and an unofficial? Is this a choice between husband and wife, wife, and mistress?

Many people want that when you love a person, you have to be faithful to him, a point. But sometimes the reality is not so simple for the main stakeholders. Indeed, it happens that we feel in love with two people at the same time.

We talk about love and the possibility of being faced with a new love behavior — it’s a new way of apprehending in sentimental life. Not to judge adultery, deception, double life. Even if in the absolute, for oneself and also for the people concerned, the choice is the best decision to take.