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NBA playoffs: Inside the mutual respect and playful ribbing ...

Jason L. Call- the founding member- has excellent experience in handling law cases involving health care professionals in Mid- Missouri. Other than this, he also handles cases regarding accidents, defective products, and other injuries throughout Missouri. Some of his extensive work includes the employee’s rights by law cases as well.

Chip Gentry – the founding member– have excessive working in the area of severe personal injuries, Business Litigation, Governmental relations and Contacts, Hour practice, Personal injuries, and defense of Window and door manufacturers.

In August 2000, Chip Gentry and Jason Call met for the first time.  At that time, Chip was a lawyer at city Jefferson while Jason was returned to home after practicing law in St. Louis. An enduring companionship was based upon that first handshake and was paved by regular interests, shared regard, an affection for rivalry, and the delight of companion.

Thus, these qualities become the foundation of the Call & Gentry group. The working environment of this company is mutual and pleasing were staff, and advocates can work with devotion.  The working motto of Call & Gentry group is to think “Out of the box” to provide solutions for its clients. Our team provides excellent and well-informed lawful sustenance and confirm sensible and approachable communication with clients. Devoted and qualified authorized associates to this firm include the names of Sheila Schill, Susan Draffen, Emily Fretwell, and Nick Leslie. 

The firm Call & Gentry is dedicated to providing law solutions to its clients. Our team consists of world’s best lawyers to help you in this regard. The area we cover includes Individual Injury or Wrongful Death, Laborers’ Compensation, Clinical Malpractice Defense, Protection Litigation, Window, and Door Manufacturers, Professional License, Business Litigation, Family Law and Wage and Labor Practices. Thus, the services of Call & Gentry are exceptional and extraordinary.