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Buying PG or ULG Dianabol Alternatives – Which Is Safer Option?

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Dianabol [Methandrostenolone] is testosterone derivative possessing strong AA properties. Bodybuilders take advantage of D’bol to improve their performance in competition.

As Dianabol got added to the list of schedule III controlled substances and its manufacture, purchase, sell or possess is illegal unless there is a valid medical need. If you fail to obey the steroid laws then it can result in jail time or heavy fines. This can horrifically impact the victim’s future life.

Even though Dianabol got banned from the US, UK, Canada, and many other countries, it is still produced illegally in underground labs and sold in black market.

Pharmaceutical grade D’bol products

PG Dianabol steroids are available under the name Anadol in the UK. The manufacturers provide security codes, emblems imprint, ID marks, and holograms stickers to separate their hi-quality from counterfeit ones.

From Poland a D’bol product named Metanabol is available in tablet form. Danabol DS comes from Moldova manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals, which is genuine Dianabol. All PG grade products are suitable for human consumption.

Underground lab graded D’bol products

There is countless number of underground labs existing in each country. Therefore it is practically impossible to have a list of different underground labs producing D’bol. Buying UGL graded products needs a thorough research because if they are formulated in underdeveloped countries then there is a compromise on quality. So to be safe, make sure to buy safer alternatives for Dianabol.

Do PG and ULG prices of Dianabol differ?

In sporting area, Dianabol is in huge demand because of its effectiveness. Demand keeps supply high and even its manufacturing cost is low. The prices of a pharmaceutical grade and underground lab grade D’bol is fairly inexpensive.

Prices can be influenced through drug concentration and bulk buying. D’bol is available in different strengths – 5, 10, 50, and 100 mg. Therefore describing price is hard.

Price per 1 mg in detail –

  • When bought in person D’bol price can range from $1 – $1.50 [$0.02 -$0.03/1mg]
  • Online price is a little more ranging from $2.80 per 50mg [$0.056/1mg]
  • When you buy PG D’bol like Anabol then the prices is same like buying from online suppliers as above.

It means Dianabol for most users work well and is affordable in comparison to other steroids. However, it is wise to buy it from a legitimate source or opt for the legal alternative D-bal in your country. If your package does not get cleared in the customs or if you got caught with a bulk then the penalties and jail time can be substantial.