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Blog As A Business Idea – Is It Possible?

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First, there were private notes and reflections on life, but now the blogosphere is much more than that. Writing a blog with an idea for spending free time has become a prosperous business and earning opportunity. When should a blog be registered as a business? How to successfully combine a blog with your company’s operations? Check below. And also you can check for the best writing servicesand for the best writing services on cheetah papers

Blog as a source of income

As you can see, running a blog is no longer just entertainment after hours – it is increasingly a profitable idea for life. Editing entries, answering readers’ questions and browsing the email in real-time – it all takes a lot of time. If it takes as much as a regular job, why not generate income like a permanent job? You can take the initiative yourself and contact potential advertisers, or add the Cooperation tab to your blog and wait patiently for offers.

The most popular bloggers would probably say that they create a blog out of passion, not just for money. Financial benefits come later – even after several years of blogging. It’s worth focusing on valuable content first and then trying to collaborate later. Not the other way around.

Earnings from a blog can be both the basic (or even the only) source of income, as well as additional, small earnings that can be combined with any activity. We describe these situations below.

1. Blog as the main source of income.

The moment when the obligation to register the company arises is not precise. According to the statutory definition, business activity is a gainful activity, regardless of the result, carried out on your behalf in an organized and continuous manner. Periodicity and regularity are the domain of a prosperous blog.

If the blog brings a steady income, which is associated with regularly undertaking various advertising activities on the part of the blogger, then registering a business is an obligation.

In the case of activities on a smaller or irregular scale, it is worth consulting the tax office, which will assess whether earning on a blog meets the statutory definition of business activity.

Setting up a company is not difficult, the whole process is described in detail in a free eBook. In a nutshell, it looks like this: the blogger must submit the CEIDG-1 form to the city or commune office, or send in an electronic version (if he has a trusted profile or an electronic signature).

Then, up to 7 days after starting the company, a newly-traded entrepreneur should go to ZUS and submit the ZUS ZZA or ZUS ZUA form. The last (optional) step is a visit to the vault. If an entrepreneur wants to be a VAT person, he must submit a VAT-R form.

2. Blog as an additional source of income for the company.

A person who already runs a business can also make money on the blog. With a bit of luck and involvement of the creator, some blogs are growing to such an extent that they begin to generate profits.

It doesn’t matter in which industry a given company operates – it can always expand its business to include profits from blog advertising. The treasury will have nothing to complain about, as long as every profit from the blog (e.g. providing advertising space) is documented by invoice and settled in terms of taxes.

Before issuing an invoice for activities other than those previously reported, it is also worth entering the additional activity as the PKD code in the CEIDG-1 form. To do this, simply send it electronically or submit the CEIDG-1 form supplemented with an additional PKD code.

The provision of advertising space can be classified under the code ‘Brokering the sale of advertising space in electronic media (Internet)’ (73.12.C.). The code should be entered in point 6 of the application, in the Business types field.