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Black and White

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A/W dressing is my ultimate favourite when it comes to the fashion seasons (although I do miss my Oakley sunglasses, ah, good times). Layering up just comes so much easier for me (not to mention you can literally eat what you want and disguise it with something mega oversized and no one will ever know). I love that cosy, familiar feeling of leather, knits and soft fabrics or that barrier of denim on a windy day – the knowledge of being able to bury yourself in the worlds biggest scarf (probably not Lenny Kravitz style albeit), and honestly if it was socially acceptable to leave the house in a Unicorn onesie and slipper socks – I definitely would.

If you were to ask me what my favourite item genre in my winter wardrobe was, however, I’d tell you each time that it’s boots. I’m obsessed with shoes and if you asked me to count them, i’d be there for three days – but the one shoe that dominates my ‘shoe-drobe’ is a good boot. Leather or patent to be specific – in every colour necessary. I might stray into a little glitter or velvet from time to time, but my heart truly lies with those glossy, patent babes that are bang on trend this season. This Perspex style that has dominated the blogger scene for quite some time now is one of my favourite styles (which I may have expanded my collection in massively with just about every colour…) and has never let me down. From office, to press event, to drinks with the girls and straight to the club – they are literally the easiest shoe to style for any occasion and nothing lengthens those legs better than a nude shade.

And now, for something shiny! You know me by now, and you for sure should know my love for shiny things. Let’s be real – what woman doesn’t love a bit of shimmer? It’s such a known fact, even men have caught on and try to distract us with said shiny things… But anyway, we digress. Updating my Autumn wardrobe is such an easy task – what’s the challenge is updating a Summer wardrobe. Autumn is forever about the velvets, the cords, the glitter, the shimmer and the muted and berry tones – it’s an easy season and by far by favourite… Give me a piece of knitwear over daisy dukes any day and I’ll be the happiest fashionista alive. My favourite part of styling up for the season is mixing all of the aforementioned trends into something against their intentions and having a complete cross-over to keep the winter wardrobe more fun than ever. Let’s face it, who wants to wear all black for an entire season? Pairing shimmers and glitters with bland knitwear and berry tones is the perfect way to utilize last season’s Christmas party dress or work those glitter knits you only get to rock during Christmas week. It’s the season to be merry after all…get glittered or go home!