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Billboard Advertising: How Important Is It in 2022?

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All vehicles that ply the roads of Washington come across a plethora of billboards on their way every day. They are an unavoidable part of driving, and of course, getting to read some riveting billboards while being stuck in traffic is far better than sitting idle. That is why billboards happen to be one of the most dynamic outdoor advertising tools, even in 2022. So, for those companies who still question the importance of billboards advertising, this article charts out some vital benefits that can prove that billboards are the right solution for investing in ads:

1. More Eyes on It

All the billboards in Spokane, WA, are placed very strategically on the crowded streets, busy roads, and bustling intersections. The purpose of doing this is that many people pass by these places every day, and they always get to see the large, eye-catching displays whenever they come or go. For any other marketing channel, people have the option of not clicking on an ad or switching the channel during a commercial. However, in the case of a billboard ad, they are bound to look at them at least several times throughout the day.

2. Billboard Ads Always Work

Many companies pay a handsome amount of money to run ads on TV and Radio channels. However, that price can only guarantee the playing of the commercial on their channel several times a day, but nothing more than that. Conversely, a billboard ad is on display 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also allows the customers repeated exposure as they continually pass by them every day. Moreover, because of the shortage of space, the message displayed is shorter and crisper than other ad forms, which helps it to stay put in people’s minds.

3. Billboards Help in Building Up A Brand Awareness

The billboards might not be very effective in eliciting a quick response from the customer. They might not result in an immediate website visit or a phone call to the store. However, they are quite powerful at building up brand awareness among customers. This is because many people get to see the same billboards several times a day, and if the designs are catchy and memorable, they can prove to be the best way of sticking to the minds of potential customers for a long time. This way, they will remember the brand at the time of their need.

4. Billboard Ads Can Target a Large Variety of Customers at the Same Time

Since billboards are generally set up at public locations where many people come and go, they allow the companies to reach out to a mix of customers just with a single advertising tactic. Usually, other advertising channels require spending extra effort, time, and money, to research and identify the target customer groups. But billboard ads can reach a large part of the diverse general population with minimal effort. Moreover, since billboards bring customers to the company, the businesses do not have to spend extra advertising time and money to reach potential customers.

Even in this age of technological advancement, billboards in Spokane, WA, continue to be a viable medium for advertising. This is because they provide both the businesses and the advertisers with an excellent opportunity to create highly engaging and eye-catching ads in the physical environment, which is very different from any other form of advertising.