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Better Coworking Options as Per Your Requirement

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Coworking is an English word that does not really have an equivalent. Nobody actually uses this word, it is granted to you. Coworking is often associated with the terms: collaborative, enjoyable and shared. To give it an exact definition would be far too restrictive. Indeed, coworking is a way of working that is defined continuously. Coworking is getting into a Starbucks with your computer but it’s also working in a completely dedicated space and many other ways. From its appearance to today, coworking is practiced in different ways.

Coworking in dedicated spaces

Coworking spaces are flourishing all over the world. New generations no longer want office hours, colleagues on their backs, photocopier noises and bland, uninspired premises. There is a strong demand for flexibility, comfort, sharing and pleasant work environments. The creators of coworking space understood it well. These spaces, which encourage the exchange, sharing and creation of a community, all have their own identity and culture. Now here you can find the co-working space here.

  • This goes through a characteristic design, inscriptions on the walls (quotations from Steve Jobs, Mandela and others), unusual names (The Factory, The Lab, The Brainstorm, and The Hub etc.), very nice plants, atypical profiles and offices from fair trade or other fashionable trends.
  • Coworking spaces include subscription cards, storage possibilities, 24/7 opening hours, conference rooms, coffee machines, video game consoles. They are open to everyone: from the designer to the IT consultant, to this young founder who thinks he has created the new Uber of modeling clay.
  • No code, no standard, few rules. The goal of the game is to work in a pleasant space and to be open to discussion and sharing ideas. It is not uncommon for someone to stop on your screen and ask, “Sounds good, what are you working on?” Many startup ideas have been found in coworking spaces, which are plethora in Silicon Valley.

Coworking, it also exists in the company. Some even coined the term “coworking”. What is it about? Simply a workspace, within the company, that takes the functionality of coworking spaces.

In short: a community, sharing, exchange. There are however some brakes that are not found in the “real” coworking spaces: the protection of the information exchanged, the opening hours, the submission to company standards, approval processes to do to come an external speaker etc. Not yet ideal, but a big step forward companies.In some places, it is even possible to book your own workspace for the duration of the subscription, usually including a desk and a storage space for personal belongings.

As for equipment, most coworking spaces offer several options to ensure comfort for its target clientele. It can include, for example, closed offices, meeting rooms, a kitchen, a relaxation area, etc. The goal is that she can bring only her laptop.