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Best Supports for the Essential Magnetic Loop

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These portable magnetic loop amplifiers are perfect to guarantee the confidentiality of exchanges in specific places (airports, town halls, prefectures). Their installation is strongly recommended in non-sound spaces and / or in order to obtain the Handicap label for the boucle d’induction magnétique.

Fixed magnetic loop

A fixed induction loop requires a permanent electrical installation and covers a larger area than the magnetic home loops.

How does a magnetic induction loop work?

A fixed magnetic loop has a more powerful amplifier, a loop of electric cable connected to the usual sound source of the establishment or room. This comes essential now. The amplified sound signal is transmitted in the induction loop (copper wire) which generates an electromagnetic field around a specific perimeter. This signal is picked up by the hearing aid or cochlear implant and restores the sound directly into the ear of the hearing impaired person. This process is mainly used in public places such as cinemas, conference rooms, amphitheatres, courts.

Magnetic induction loop for vehicle

Thanks to their minimal size and light weight, some models of inductive loops are perfectly suited for installation in small enclosed spaces such as vehicles or buses.

Portable induction loops

The portable magnetic loop is a magnetic necklace designed for hearing impaired people.

How does it work ? An induction field is emitted in the magnetic collar, the paired persons will have to program their hearing aids in position T to catch the signal and to hear better.

Induction Loop Stereo


Easy offers a variety of induction loop accessories such as “slit ear” logos to indicate that your facility or room is equipped with a magnetic induction loop for the hearing impaired. Thus, persons with hearing aids know that they must activate the T position of their hearing aid to receive the signal from the magnetic loop.

But also accessories compatible with induction loops such as tools for measuring the intensity of the induction loop, microphones, amplified earphones and induction headphones for people with hearing loss who are not equipped with hearing aids.

Regulation on magnetic induction loops

Who is concerned by the legal obligation to equip an induction loop?

All ERPs with a public service mission and whatever their capacity to accommodate the public, have the obligation to equip themselves with a magnetic induction loop and to signal their presence with the help of dedicated pictograms: the logo “Barred ear” indicates that the place is suitable for the hearing impaired.

The establishments concerned may be businesses, restaurants, liberal professions, reception desks or any other public company or supplier.

The decree of December 8 lays down the obligation for 1st and 2nd category LES (hosting up to 700 people) to equip themselves with a magnetic induction loop while the decree of 20 April 2017 complements this obligation by adding ERP 3rd and 4th category.