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Best Apps For Students For Productivity and Being Organised?

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Going to university and trying to keep on top of things including your course, hobbies, socialising and keeping on top of your chores around the house can be a rather stressful time. Due to this, it is important to be as productive and organised as possible to ensure that you don’t get behind on any of the above and so there has been many apps created specifically for university students to ensure that they stay productive and organised through their uni life.

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One of the best apps that we have found on the market for uni students, or any serial note takers, is that of Evernote which is considered as one of the best notes taking applications on the internet.  This app will allow uni students to scribble down notes in its notebook like format from a computer or on a smartphone as well as being able to capture photographs and record voice notes for alternative forms of note taking. Not only that but it will seemingless sync between all your compatible devices and is the perfect app for uni students.

Another app that we have found to be getting a lot of value out of for uni students has been that of Pocket which is an interesting app as it is used to save articles, web pages and videos for viewing or reading in the future. Pocket is available on all major platforms including iOS and Android and has been a great place to store all your necessary reading for your course and will ensure that it is all kept in one place for when you are ready to get back to study.

And finally, the last ap in which we would recommend to uni students is more of an alternative application that helps to keep you focuses is that of Forest. This is a creative app in which when you start your study session, you plant a tree in-app and as you work your tree will grow but if you pick up your phone and leave the app then your tree will die – a rather creative way to stay focused whilst working.