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Best 3 Telugu Yesteryear Actresses

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There were a lot of online Telugu movies over the years. Some of them were good and that can be attributed to the nice performances of the actresses. Here are some actresses who made their mark in Online Telugu Movies:

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Soundharya is a multi-awarded actress who has starred in many movies such as Raja and Dweepa. She also chose to get involved in politics which led to her untimely death in 2004. Sadly, it was the peak of her career when she passed away in a plane crash. There was no doubt she would have made more awesome movies with other leading men. She left a huge mark as an actress and producer in online Telugu movies. She will forever be missed as her movies continue to be shown up until this day. She was involved in charitable work as she started three schools for orphanage children. She even named two of them after her parents. She won the Filmfare Award for Best Actress six times throughout her career including one time in Raja and another in Ammoru.


Apart from being an actress in online Telugu movies, Vijayashanthi is also a politician. She has starred in movies that were warmly received by critics including Police Lockup and Rowdy Inspector. She has acted in more than 180 movies in a span of 3 decades. She got paid a lot of money for the movie Karthavyam because of good her acting skills is. She won the Filmfare Best Actress award several times throughout her career most specifically for her work in Kartavyam and Swayamkrushi. Apart from that, she also won the Nandi Award for Best actress four times which shows how good her acting skills is. There are times when hard work does not go unnoticed and this is one of them. She also had a political career that lasted for 16 years. It involved her assuming various roles in her political party. Rest assured, she gave a lot of effort in each role while still starring in award-winning movies.

Ramya Krishna

Ramya Krishna has acted in more than 200 movies and some of them were quite good. Due to how she speaks different Indian dialects, they were in 5 different languages. She is best known for the Baahubali series as the second installment got so much money in the box office that it became the second-highest-grossingIndian movie of all time. Of course, that would not have happened if this Indian actress was not in it. She won the Best Supporting Actress for the 6th International Indian Movie Awards four times. The future is only looking bright for this young actress and she figures to be only starting in the movie industry. It is only a matter of time before she gets leading roles due to how good her acting skills is. Besides, she played the lead role in Padayappa 20 years ago and that became a massive hit. She can still play leading roles since she is in great shape.

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