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Benefits of Regular Gynecological Visits

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To work, eat and play we all need information. Our minds process data that enables us to make correct decisions in our lives. Rockland Gynecology visits are the same. They provide women with information concerning their bodies that helps them get a better understanding of various body problems. What information do women hope to learn from these regular visits and how do they help them?
 Overall health
It ranges from lifestyle counseling based on age and other risks, physical evaluations, immunizations and screening tests (especially breast cancer). Because many diseases such as breast, ovarian and cervical cancer have few noticeable symptoms, the doctor usually screens for these disorders. The chances of a favorable treatment outcome are dependent on early detection. Making vaccine recommendations and monitoring vital signs like blood pressure levels are also included by the gynecologist. There is also something in it for women experiencing menopause. Managing symptoms such as vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse can be more manageable through the insights gained from regular visits to the gynecologist.

Healthy breasts
Regular breast cancer screenings and mammograms are essential for healthy breasts to women of all ages. The clinical exams are arranged by the doctor based on your family history and risk factors unique to you. There are also exercises taught by the gynecologist on how to conduct monthly self-breast exams.

Reproductive health
Women of childbearing age are more prone to pelvic infections, uterine prolapse, and ovarian cysts as well as disorders which affect the endocrine system like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Menstrual regularity, pelvic exams, and birth control form part of a gynecologist job description. Avoiding regular visits increases risks of unintended pregnancy and pelvic infections. When you have any questions regarding hormonal changes, menopause, menstrual cycle and pregnancy, the gynecological visits are an ideal time to make the inquiries.

Family Planning
Issues on infertility and the various birth control options available can be addressed by the gynecologists during regular visits. The gynecologist can also give insights on genetic screenings and prenatal vitamins which goes along with proper diet advice and exercise for women of childbearing age. 

STD testing
STD’s may cause discomfort and can be life-threatening in some extreme cases. Regular visits to the gynecologist aid in the prevention and management of such infections through testing, treatment, and counseling.

Pelvic checkups
Women aged 21 years and over should get regular pelvic exams. It is crucial to the overall health of a woman especially for patients with vaginal discharge, infertility or pelvic pain and menstrual disorders. This review is also recommended for patients in perimenopause with difficulties in bowel or bladder functions and with abnormal bleeding of the uterine wall.

Regular visits Rockland Gynecology can help highlight any problems affecting your body which will help in early detection of life-threatening disorders.