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Benefits Of Laser Liposuction

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Many people struggle with trying to lose weight so they can create a trimmer, more sculpted body, but even when they’re able to shed those unwanted pounds, they often face the reality of hard to manage fat deposits. Whether it’s unsightly bulges on their stomach, thighs, arms, or hips, it’s not unusual for these fat deposits to seem almost impossible to get rid of. Stubborn areas of body fat can certainly be frustrating, and in the past the only help available was to undergo a traditional liposuction procedure or even a i-Lipo laser liposuction procedure.

In this type of fat removal process, the excess fat deposits are literally sucked out of the body through small incisions and the insertion of a vacuum tube into the trouble area. This liposuction procedure is an invasive surgery that can certainly help sculpt your body; however, there are some common problems that anyone considering liposuction should take into consideration. For example, with hard to reach fat deposits suctioned out during the procedure, it’s not unusual for the skin covering the area to simply droop or sag. This can leave you wondering if removing the fat deposit is worth the effort, especially since there is often still the issue of unsightly skin sagging, so you can’t really look your best in some of the latest fashions.

An alternative that has gained a great deal of popularity in recent years is the procedure known as laser liposuction. With laser liposuction, unlike traditional liposuction, the same fast fat removal that can help you sculpt your body is combined with the benefits of skin tightening for better aesthetic results. This minimally invasive procedure uses fiber-optic lasers with varying wavelengths in order to melt stubborn pockets of fat without the need for an incision. The energy of the laser penetrates the fat cells, creating tiny holes in the cell’s membrane. The result is a fat cell that can more readily release stored fat as well as water and glycerol, helping to shrink the area being treated. The melted fat is then either used as an energy source for the body or is flushed out through the lymphatic system. The laser light has the added benefit of stimulating collagen production to help tighten skin and avoid the sagging that is common with traditional liposuction. Additionally, because there are no incisions necessary for this procedure, there is no risk of scaring.

It’s important to keep in mind that not everyone looking for a quick body sculpting solution will be a candidate for laser liposuction. First of all, liposuction, whether the traditional procedure or a laser procedure, is not a substitute for weight loss. It is still important to use healthy eating and regular exercise for well-being as well as weight loss. Candidates for laser liposuction are individuals who are within 25 pounds of their ideal weight and who have good skin elasticity and are generally in good health. This is not a procedure for anyone who is looking for a fast weight loss solution, it is for managing trouble spots only.