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Benefits and Uses of a Wood’s Lamp

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The beauty industry is one that will never cease to make waves in times to come. It is one of the most lucrative businesses today. Fact is everyone, including male and female, wants to look ravishingly good. People will stop at nothing to get glowing skin regardless of their emotional state. Hence, they are constantly looking for the best spa service to give them the right result. The woods lamp is becoming increasingly popular these days. Not only is this beauty equipment among the trendiest fashion styles in the industry today, it is also highly sought after.

The wood’s lamp is used by the aesthetician to help analyze skin conditions. When the deep violet rays of the wood’s lamp come in contact with the skin, it exposes different skin conditions. Moreover, the wood’s lamp enables the aesthetician to properly analyze both the surface and deeper layers of the skin. This way, they can suggest the most effective skin treatment procedure for the various skin conditions. There are some blemishes that our naked eyes can’t see, but they become visible under the deep violet rays of the wood’s lamp. The best part is different skin conditions will be exposed in varied shades.

Skin conditions and their indications under the wood’s lamp

  • Normal and healthy skin Blue-white
  • Thick corneum layer White fluorescence
  • Dehydrated skin Light violet
  • Pigmentations and dark spots Brown
  • Healing, tender or thin skin Purple fluorescent
  • Nails Bright white fluorescent
  • Hydrated skin Bright fluorescent
  • Dandruff White speaks
  • Healthy scalp and hair Pale grayish violet
  • Horney layer of the skin and dead cells White spots
  • Oily skin Yellow or orange
  • Inflamed skin or nutrition deficiency Red
  • Concentrated pimple Light yellow

Basically, the wood’s lamps are essential tools for a spa service. They are special hand-held lights that emit painless “black light”. This device enables the aesthetician to have a clearer view of the skin conditions such as fungal infections, bacterial infections, sun damage and dehydration, among other things. The best part is the wood’s lamp enables the aesthetician to prescribe the right skin treatment. Regardless of the skin conditions, the wood’s lamp will make them visible. There is no hiding place. In a bid to provide the best services for clients, spas need nothing but the best beauty equipment and having a wood’s lamp is a necessity.