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Before you Think Divorce, Have you Tried This?

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The marriage is totally broken with absolutely no measures for damage control, is exactly how a person about to file for divorce feels about the situation. Little do you even anticipate that the same thing can happen in your next marriage. There are many obvious signs and symptoms of a failing marriage or a troublesome partner that are reason enough for you to let go of that marriage you once dreamt of. They include sexual harassment, domestic violence, alcoholism, adultery, imprisonment. But what makes you think divorce is the solution to your current marital issue?  Click here to see more ways how you can save your marriage.

Root Cause Analysis

Why are you filing for divorce? Before running to your attorney, sit down and make a thorough analysis of why you are making such a big decision in your life because divorce is financially and emotionally straining. Together with your partner, employ different methodologies and tools to analyze your situation and improvise solutions, because together you are conversant with the situation at hand.


It is good practice to first remove the log in your eye before pointing at your friend’s eye. Back to your marriage, go deep to assess your current relationship with your partner. For instance, if you want to file adultery as the reason for divorce, with diligent honesty assess your own character and check if you are compatible enough with your companion. Work on polishing your character towards your spouse’s and improve the compatibility levels.  Involve your spouse in this process by asking of their expectations of you and practice constant forgiveness of your spouse. Going this extra mile backs up your reason for filing divorce when you finally do it.

Counselling and Guidance

When things are getting haywire in your marriage, the couple should involve professional marriage counselors or life coaches for tried and tested advice. There is always the same reasons though in different magnitudes given for filing divorce of which these professionals are used to. Church leaders, parents, influential people and elders in the community can be of great help in settlement of marital issues.

Take a Break

Time comes in your marriage when you feel suffocated by your partner’s behavior, literally tired of constant emotional bursts in your home, first take a break from your spouse. Everybody needs a holiday, even lovers need a holiday. Go for a retreat, take a vacation, and just leave home for a while until when you feel fine to go back. If you miss your spouse while away, work on your marriage, divorce is not the solution to your problem because distance makes the heart feel fonder. If you still can’t contain your partner, seek professional help.


There is absolutely nothing impossible with God. God is able to turn around impossible situations in our lives. God is able to rejuvenate the love you had for your spouse in the first days.  Through prayer, ask the Lord to save your marriage life from destruction.