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Basic Things You Must Know To Become A Successful Blackjack Player

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Are you thinking to switch towards blackjack games as you got bored trying your luck in slots or poker games? Well, this would certainly be the best idea to spice up your gaming life with some new adventure. This game is very easy to learn and offers relatively some of the best odds for beginners. The lowest house edge of this player-friendly game varies depending on the relevant knowledge and skills you have. Gamblers, who very well aware of their activities enjoy the house edge of 1%, in fact, users with no prior experience in this game can also avail the small house edge of 3%.

Main Rules

Blackjack, also known as 21, is played against the hand a dealer is holding. To come out as a winner, you have to add up your cards to reach 21, no more or less than this number. You will also win the game, if a dealer goes over 21. Initially, a dealer starts the game with 2 face-down cards dealt with players on the table. A gamer during their chance can ask a dealer to stand (keep the card he is holding) or Hit (ask for some other card). A dealer will show 1 face-up card and 2nd face-down card for their initial hand. The new cards that are dealt by a dealer will be face-up. If the total value of cards is less than 21, you can compare your hand with that of dealers.

Basic Strategy

After cards are drawn, gamers are offered different types of playing options –

Stand – Choosing this playing option results in the refusal of taking an extra card from a dealer.

Hit – It means requesting a dealer for another card.

Double-down – It is used to improve the winning possibilities if a dealer does not own a blackjack. You can choose to double down if you have 21 cards value.

Split – You can split the cards into separate hands if you are dealt with cards having the same value.  For this, you have to make a 2nd bet with an amount equal to the first one.

Understanding the working process of these playing options and blackjack rules is essential to any strategy of blackjack. As now you have the basic knowledge of these, it is crucial to get aware of the right way to use these 4 playing options. This way you can reduce the house edge from 2 to 0.5%. There are some basic strategies you can use –

  • Hit when a dealer has upcard with 7 or higher and your hand is 12-16
  • Double 11 vs. 2-10 of the dealer
  • Stand if your hand lies between 12-16 and a dealer has 2-6
  • Remember to split only 8s and aces

Blackjack Insurance Bet

This type of bet is provided when a dealer is dealt with an ace as their first card. This is essentially a new bet with extra money against the chances of a dealer having a blackjack (possibly losing your wager). Remember that insurance bet cannot be settled via current wager even it will cost you half the initial bet.