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Baked Potatoes: How To Bake Potatoes Using A Grill Oven 

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Grill baking your potatoes offers similar fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside results with that of the oven. As you must have heard that nothing in life comes free without a price. Baking potatoes involves certain techniques and strategies for better productivity. Ultimate satisfaction with pleasure is guaranteed. For an outdoor culinary experience, a grill baked potato is suitable. You can still jump the road with a medium-sized grill oven and enjoy a healthy decent meal. 

HEADS UP: Using a local grill oven might be stressful but with an electric grill, you can set a timer and regulate the heat to a medium. A local grill exposes you to heat and stress of having to blow air to the coal for heat production. Also, the local grill might either produce excess or very low heat thereby resulting in bruising the skin, skin burns, or an improperly cooked meal. 


4 large russet potatoes 

Butter or veg oil


Salt or any other desired seasoning


Vegetable scrub

Pastry brush

Electric grill

Paring knife or fork

Meat thermometer 

Kitchen towel 



Prep time: 5 minutes 

Baking time: 30-45 minutes (depending on the potato size) 

Completed time: 50 minutes 


Preheat the grill to a medium heat temperature to prepare for baking. 

INSIGHT: You are setting the grill to a medium tempo so as not to get the potato all burnt right before it’s ready. 

Wash potatoes carefully with a vegetable scrub and avoid bruising the skin in the process. You would want a perfectly baked potato, not a potato looking like no description. 

Boil potatoes for five minutes. 

Generously grease your potato with oil or butter, salt, pepper, and other desired seasonings. 

Tip : There has been this confusion in the air whether or not to grill bake potatoes wrapped or unwrapped. Unwrapped potatoes always end up burnt and imperfect. For a perfect baked potato, crispy output, wrap potatoes in a heavy-duty foil for a pleasurable satisfaction. 

Wrap potatoes in a foil and arrange in a suitable manner for easy bake and close the grill lid.  

Turn sides subsequently for an even bake. 

After 30 minutes, open to check if it’s ready for consumption with a meat thermometer. If not, return back to the grill and wait for 15 minutes or more but be careful not to ruin your meal with burns. 

Tip: Draw a cross in the center of your potato and squeeze each potato ends with a kitchen towel to create an opening. If you need to re-bake, you will know if the insides are not as soft as you want. 

True but still true: You must have read that wrapping potatoes leave it soggy and imperfect but not with a grill. A grill oven is expected to produce excess heat compared to a traditional oven and considering the fact that only a side of your potato facing the heat might cause a vegetable burn so the foil helps to reduce its exposure to the heat. 

  1. B:- For those who bake in their toppings with the potato during a dual baking process, you might not get your desired result so just add the toppings after a single bake and enjoy.