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Back to netball: why the schoolgirl sport is coming back

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Most of us played netball at some point during our school years and whether you loved or hated it, there is no denying that the game is making a comeback.

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This team sport is wonderfully social and is fantastic for those who want to improve their fitness, which is why so many are turning back the clock and giving it another go through the Back to Netball initiative; in fact, over 100,000 women have already given it a try, which shows just how popular it is. What is it about netball that makes it so appealing?

1. The social aspect

Netball is a team sport generally played with like-minded women who are looking for the same things: fitness, friendship and fun! Many people return to the sport in the hope of making some new friends. As most people who play a team sport will tell you, joining a team can make you friends for life; what’s more, the mental benefits provided by team sports are invaluable, not only helping you to make friends but also improving vital life skills such as communication and anxiety management.

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2. The fitness aspect

Netball is a great way to build upon and improve your fitness levels. A regular training session will get you exercising, with exercising as part of a team often motivating you to push yourself even harder.

If you are looking for ways to get fitter and improve your game, netball training drills from resources such as are designed to help you.

3. The fun aspect

Netball is a fun sport and the more fun you have, the less likely you are to even realise that you are exercising! The competitive nature of netball enables you to get really stuck into a game and shed those calories easily. Playing a full game or even just attending a decent training session is much less likely to feel like a chore than going to the gym; as a result, you will be able to push yourself for a longer period of time.

4. The sudden interest

Netball is making a comeback and you could be a big part of this. Why not enquire about joining your local team or attending a training session so that you can meet a few people and see what you think?