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Are You Forgetting To Vent Your Portable Cooler?

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Portable air coolers are fast becoming popular because of their efficiency and affordability. Unlike other cooling appliances, you can move your portable cooler along from one room to another. Portable coolers do not require any form of installation. It will save you a lot of funds in terms of installation and electricity cost. However, for your portable cooler to operate efficiently, it needs to be vented. Chances are that you keep forgetting to vent the portable air cooler. To use your air cooling unit, you need to position it in the right place and pass the exhaust hose through an outside opening. This process helps to let hot air out of the room so the air can become cooler.

It is important to vent the portable cooler because the extraction process is kept to cooling the room. If you want cooler air in your home, you need to let the hot air out through venting. Whenever you purchase a new portable cooler, the venting kit is always included. You can vent with the use of a window which is the popular venting process. However, if you don’t have a window, you could choose to vent through the roof, wall, or door.

How to vent your portable cooler

The portable cooler usually comes with a venting kit, and you need to install it for efficient cooling of the air. Although portable air coolers come in different sizes, the venting process is usually the same. Below is a breakdown of how to vent your portable cooler quickly.

  • First, you should choose where you would like to vent the AC. The popular choice is through the window, but if you prefer a ceiling or wall, that’s okay too.
  • Next, you will connect the AC to the exhaust connector or adapter.
  • Once this is completed, simply connect your hose to the exhaust connector to proceed.
  • Next, you would need to extend the window kit till it’s the length of your window. If it is not the right fit, you could trim the window bracket to make sure it fits snugly. You might get lucky, and your model comes with screws to hold it in place. Once you extent it, close your window to keep it in place.
  • After this, connect the vent hose to the window kit.

That’s it! Your portable cooler is all set up, and you can begin the cooling process immediately. Plug it in and tune it to your preferred setting, and it will effectively cool the room.