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Are traditional catwalk shows still relevant in men’s fashion

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Catwalk shows have been a big deal in the fashion industry for many years now, with fashion weeks in cities like London, Paris, Milan, and, of course, New York being highlights on the calendar for all involved with the industry. Keeping the content of the collections fresh is one thing, but the presentation of a catwalk show, and keeping the attention of the great and the good, is arguably a bigger challenge. And do we still need them anyway?

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So much of our daily lives now takes place digitally. The bigger brands are launching pre-collections, there are more brands in the marketplace anyway, and more are trying to target consumers directly. A big change is on the horizon, and 2020 might be the year.

Burberry is stealing a march, dropping its seasonal shows for two shows per year that will not be defined by a season, and Tom Ford will now offer a show in September where consumers will be able to buy immediately. Many believe this is just the tip of the iceberg and that many others will follow suit.

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Social media and live streaming also come into play, and this instant access works well for the consumer. Questions inevitably start to be asked about who the catwalk shows are for – are they intended to sell clothes to the people that will wear them, or to press and retailers, and to show off to other designers? Each group is important, but each requires a different approach in today’s market.

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Online sales of clothes are higher than ever as brands become more accessible. Buyers are increasingly looking to curate their own collections on their websites, and that presentation has a bit impact on sales. Farah shirts for men are one example of a piece that is now instantly accessible to the consumer, selling well when the Farah shirts are shown with style suggestions.

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Just as fashion itself grows and develops, it might be time for the way it’s presented to change too. It is unlikely to happen overnight, but as more of the big fashion houses try something new, the catwalk show will lose impact.