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An overview of Sushi puns

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You can check out some cool sushi puns irrespective if you want to caption some picture or send a sticker to your Valentine. If you are one of those huge fans of sushi puns then this is the right place to be. Here are some puns which have been listed below which can help you promote healthy living. Wondering how? Then do check out the following Sushi puns to laugh at and have some great entertainment.

Checking out some fresh and amazing sushi puns: 

  • When the old sushi couple got their pension, they got a new rolls-rice.
  • After eating sushi, a customer complained saying that the sushi wasn’t even cooked and he couldn’t believe that he wasted his money on it!
  • The whale sushi is a true killer.
  • If you ordering sushi for dinner is so raw-nical, now that you know I do not like it.
  • And the fishermen sang as they fished, “raw raw raw your boat”. 
  • The sushi chef fiancé is such a rice guy
  • You can get sushi rolls out of me if you cut me into pieces
  • Mister, how would you prefer your sushi? Raw.
  • Hey sushi, are you looking out for your soy mate?
  • There is a long sushi queue of people who have been waiting to buy raw fish.
  • They asked me if sushi loved me.
  • If you eat sushi regularly then you are a sushiholic.

But what exactly is a pun?

So, you might have not been aware of what a pun exactly is. It is a figure of speech which exploits the meaning of a particular word. Puns are usually used in creative writing where some humor needs to be created. 

The different types of puns

Also, there are different types of puns, let us now take a closer look at them. These puns can be classified into different categories based on the intentional effect it has on the phrase. 

Recursive pun: this is a pun which consists of two parts. So if you have to understand the second part of the pun you will have to relate to the first. 

Compound pun: this type of pun will have more than one pun in a single sentence.

Homophonic pun: in this type of pun, you will find a pair of homonym. These words have a similar sound but their meanings differ. 

Homographic pun: here, the words are spelled the same way but they have a double meaning.