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All you need to know about Syros news

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Be the first who learn about everything that happens in Syros island and generally in Cyclades, from the most accurate journalists of the area.

They are very discreet with the sensitive subjects, but also too much talented and responsible concerning on their job.

The Cyclades24 is the right website for you, if you are interested in Syros news and all of the events that take part in the island.

In Cyclades news you have the best treatment

Greece is a wonderful place to be and its people work together as a team, in order to help each other more effectively.

That’s the reason why we have a section where you can post your advertising at the Syros ads and get known about what you have to offer.

For instance, if you are looking for a job, you can expose your qualifications to us and we make it known to Cyclades public.

Even if you are from another island of the complex of Cyclades, don’t hesitate to post at the Cyclades ads too.

Quick access at the entertainment news

Everyone has quick access at the entertainment news and everything that has to do about the life style of the island, where to go out, with your friends and your company day and night.

Moreover, you can watch many interesting interviews of some of the most special people of Syros, who have to tell many wise things to all of us.

For those though, who want to be familiar with the local athletic events, now they can versed in football news, basketball, volleyball and all the rest sports.

Here you are not alone! You can easily get into the facts through Cyclades news anytime you wish to, all day long, seven days a week.