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All you need to know about Mohegan Sun

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While the press continues to focus on the lavish casinos of Las Vegas and Atlantic City, somewhere in Connecticut, the Mohegan Tribe has managed to create one of the most luxurious and unique casino resorts, which in the meantime has become enlisted among the world’s largest and finest casino destinations. Indeed, Mohegan Sun Resorts is a destination which everyone should visit for a fun holiday experience, filled with tons of leisure activities.

Native Americans do love to gamble. The United States is filled with casinos, especially created by them and lots of people prefer to visit their casinos, compared to other gambling venues. That’s exactly why in 2001 the Mohegan Tribe decided to come up with something very big and very special.  By 2018, they have three world-class gambling resorts all over the East Coast, including Mohegan Sun Ilani in Washington, Mohegan Sun Pocono in Philadelphia and the Mohegan Sun Resorts Casino Hotel in New Jersey. Each one of these resorts has tons of unique features and they all offer a great gambling experience for their visitors. In addition, the company has also been working hard to create some of the best online gaming sites in the US, where daily bonuses and other gifts help in making gambling a fun and challenging activity in the same time. Check out the online promos from Resorts Casino and get the chance to win even more money online.

The main resort of Mohegan Sun is located in Connecticut, south of Norwich, New England offering a fantastic view of the Thames River, situated inside the Mohegan Reservation area. The new and shiny complex is filled with top-level venues and services. For those who would prefer to relax, there are two luxurious spa centers offering a great range of healing, refreshing and cosmetic treatments. For those who would prefer to engage in sports, the quality golf course is offering a great golf experience. For the kids, the Kids Quest Cyber Quest facility offers tons of fun gaming activities. For those who would like to go out to enjoy music, there is a lot of daily music concerts at various locations within the casino resort.  

The resort is also ideal for business meetings, having high quality, all-equipped meeting facilities. The shopping centre is stacked with quality stores and last but not least, the 3 huge casinos offer a totally unique gaming experience, with the key attractions which include the 55-foot indoor waterfall, the world’s biggest and most beautiful planetarium dome and last but not least, the shiny Wombi rock, that’s a fantastic crystal mountain, which is a totally must-see attraction, especially after dawn, when the crystals would start glowing in the dark.

Each one of the three casinos is centered around a certain theme according to Mohegan traditions and the themes make each one of them absolutely beautiful. The casino of the Earth, Casino of the wind and Casino of the air each offer fantastic surroundings and first class gambling opportunities for the fans of each game. In addition, there is a great Chinese casino complex within the Casino of the Earth, where you can try your hands in one of the traditional Chinese games too.

All in all, you shouldn’t miss out on visiting Mohegan Sun Casino Resort. You will see, it’s so good it will surely make you return!