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All That You Must Know About Shipping of Motorcycle

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If you are moving your residence to a faraway city then driving your motorcycle is not an option for you. As motorcycles are a heavy item, sending them along with your other household items will also not be advisable.

Therefore, the best option to get your motorcycle to your new destination will be to avail the service of a good vehicle shipper like Ship a Car, Inc. who also provides door-to-door motorcycle shipping services.

In this article, we shall let you know all the steps that you need to follow for transporting your bike to your new destination.

Step 1: Decide your type of trailer

First, you must determine the trailer type that you will prefer for hauling your motorcycle. In other words, you must decide whether you will prefer an enclosed trailer for your motorcycle or an open trailer will be good enough for you.

Usually, enclosed trailers are preferred when you need to provide much better protection to your bike during transit. However, remember that cost of an open trailer will be much cheaper than an enclosed trailer.

Step 2: Get quotes

You may take a little time to search for a few motorcycle shipping companies from the net and request them to send their free quotes for the shipment. You must know how much do they charge for shipping and whether they provide your desired service e.g. enclosed or open trailer, and door-to-door service, etc.

Step 3: Service schedule

After shortlisting your carrier, you must schedule your service quickly so that your vehicle can reach your new location quickly. For cross-country shipping, they will need at least five days. You may like to keep a margin of 3 days for your pick up and delivery jobs.

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Step 4: Record the motorcycle condition

It is very important to make proper documentation about the condition of your bike before you hand it over to the shipping company. Carrier company will not guarantee in case of any scratch or dent occurs during transportation. So, you may take a few detailed pictures of the motorcycle and provide a copy to them as evidence.

Step 5: Prepare for shipping

It is not necessary to empty your tank or remove the battery, as your bike must be in ready to drive condition during delivery. However,  ensure that your saddlebags are securely closed. Also, don’t leave any of your personal property e.g. helmet.

Step 6: Take additional insurance

Although your shippers will also take insurance for your vehicle, that may not be sufficient to cover your motorcycle’s full value. So prefer to buy additional insurance coverage if your motorcycle is new or an expensive one.

Step 7: Shiping your motorcycle

Now your carrier can come and collect your motorcycle. For expediting the process you may also like to bring your motorcycle to their depot.

Step 8: Collect your motorcycle

Finally, if your bike has arrived then either they may deliver it at your place or you meet in their depot to accept the delivery of your motorcycle. Before taking your bike, inspect it thoroughly for any damage. In case, you have to file any claim from insurance then do so immediately.