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A smart lock that provides advanced security

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The advanced lock that is designed with a combination of wireless technologies integrated with the authorised devise to lock or unlock any kind of door is simply referred to an as smart lock.  The wireless device in the smart lock could be Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and standard messaging protocols like SMS and e-mail.  The smart key helps in providing the advanced security needed for your home. It will get connected with the Apple Home Kit devise to make it easier to unlock through voice assistance. If you are having trouble deciding on what digital locks you should get for your home, check out on to find out more.

A smart key is ideal for those who do not want to go through the difficulty of pushing the button to open the doors, as they can smartly use the wireless options. The computerised systems use the sensors and microchips for automatically unlocking the doors instead of using the key.

Smart keys are shaped like the plastic card that looks different from the actual keys. It comes with the cryptographic key or an application that is installed in your mobile phone or other electronic device and Security Socket Layer (SSL) communication ensures the authorisation to individuals to open the lock easily. The advantage of using the new technology is the security it provides to your home and office property. The professional Hackney Locksmith will be able to expertly install the smart lock. 

Installation of smart lock can be done on the mechanical locks like the deadbolt to increase the sense of control and fortify the security system. It provides you with the rest of mind as no one will be able to swipe the keys from underneath the doormat and the intruder will no longer compromise the safety of the house even when you forget to make the key copies or have a spare one hidden somewhere.

It provides the feel of security to every member at home.  It can be conveniently set the keyword for the smart locks to gain the access to the house or office, lock the door comfortably.

A lot of features can be set such as waving the smartphone in the front of the lock, sending the encrypted SMS to unlock the door. You can event set an alert message when the door gets unlocked. It also provides the convenience of controlling the locks, even when you are away from the home, but when connected through the Wi-Fi connection. Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit and similar systems can be used to communicate to the locks to open the doors.

What more? Now you can provide access through the virtual key mechanism to the ones you trust when you are away from the house such as the baby sitter, gardener, cleaner or other family members.

The design of these smart locks varies and comes with various facilities that you can choose. And this makes it affordable purchase when you go for the variant that suits your security and budget. There are smart locks that look like the dumb deadbolt with amazing features at the affordable price.

If you are looking for Hackney Locksmith to have the advanced services and smart key installation, we are just a call away. We, at London Locks, can help you get the work done to ensure your safety.