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A Short Story Writing Guide

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A short story is a type of prose fiction that lays out one or several significant events with a minimal amount of characters, which happens within limited period and creates one strong impression at the reader. When planning a short story, consider the following steps: character developing, plot establishing, defining the perspective, and drafting a story. It is vital to put in efforts in each step to provide all the significant features.

Character Developing

Start with singling the finite number of characters, dwelling on their appearance and traits, and consider all the facts to create the appropriate character’s behavior in the end. It is important to establish the life-like characters, combining positives and negatives, and avoiding exaggerating certain features.

Plot Establishing

Decide on the incident that will have a strong impact on your character’s life and impression on the reader. A qualitative plot should cover five basic elements: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution. Start with working out a powerful climax and move to other parts only then.

Narration Perspective Defining

Care to write the story in a logical order and unique style, so that it provides the finite effect. You should decide on the mood and feelings your story is to evoke and work in the single direction.

Drafting a Story

Combine all the elements and write a draft without any additions not to ruin the story flow. Check it for grammar and spelling mistakes, and general impression once you finish.


Even being considerably small short story writing process is far from a simple one. You have to combine the limited number of characters, short plot concentrated on one or couple of connected events within limited story size, and be able to catch the reader’s attention and impress him\her in general. It is vital to follow certain strategies, styles, and structure to make your short story appealing and relevant.