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8 Sleep-Aiding Herbs for Treating Insomnia

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Insomnia is a common problem and it can happen at any age and to any person. It is basically the continual turmoil that can make it difficult for one to fall asleep or stay asleep. Various reasons can cause insomnia such as medication, mental stress, odd working hours etc. There are several chemical drugs available in the market to treat insomnia, but they are costly and might cause further health problems as side effects. Therefore, as an alternative treatment natural herbs like ginseng, lemon balm are used as sleeping aids. Red Panax Ginseng extract is a great stress reliever which aids one with sleep problems.

Some of the most effectual Sleep-Aiding Herbs for Treating Insomnia are:

  • Korean Red Ginseng

As per the research reports, Korean Red Ginseng extract improves sleep quality as it plays both roles – as a stimulant as well as a sedative. The rhizomes and dried roots of ginseng include numerous physiologically significant components such as saponins, Ginsenosides, and phytosterol etc. Ginsenosides are powerful adaptogens that balance the response of the body to stressors. Ginsenosides also contain strong sedative, stimulant, and antioxidant properties that assist the body to recover from fatigue, stress, and illness. Saponins contain anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, and analgesic properties. According to Kevin Spelman, professor of the Maryland University of Integrative Health, Ginseng allows the individual to have a good sleep by calming the stressed-out nerves of the nervous system. The anti-oxidative properties of ginseng scavenge the attack of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and ensure normal blood flow in the brain areas, which burns out stress. The best would be taking such supplements which are made up of 6 years old Korean Red Ginseng, as the plant reaches its maturity at a minimum of 6 years.

  • Chamomile

Chamomile is one of the oldest herbal remedies to reduce anxiety and aid in sleeping disorders. According to research, the amazing plant has a sedative effect due to the presence of flavonoid and apigenin which serve same as sleeping pills. Take a cup of chamomile tea before sleeping to get rid of anxiety and have a sound sleep unless you are allergic to plant or other plants of the same family.

  • Passionflower

The beautiful flower is used as a sleep aid and stress reliever from ancient time as it effectually helps to calm the mind and promote relaxation. Passionflower is rich in alkaloids, flavones, and coumarins, as well as it also contains GABA (inhibitory neurotransmitter) used in regulating the excitability of muscle tone and relaxing nerves. According to studies, it is confirmed that the plant acquires excellent sedatives properties. Take about 30 to 50 drops of passionflower extract before going to bed to have a sound sleep.

  • Lavender

Lavender has been employed in aromatherapy to encourage relaxation since ancient times. It aids in raising the percentage of deep sleep. One cup of warm lavender tea before bed is an excellent method to support relaxation as it reduces depression, anxiety, insomnia, and stress. Additionally, you can spray lavender pillow mist on your pillow or take a hot bath with some drops of lavender essential oil as well as Epsom salts.

  • Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is considered as one of the useful and prevailing herbs in Ayurvedic practice. From centuries ashwagandha has been used for treating some medical conditions, including depression, insomnia, and anxiety by dropping cortisol levels. The herb is obtainable in capsule form; one can take about 300mg twice a day to see the great benefits of this herb.

  • Magnolia Bark

Magnolia bark is broadly used in Chinese medication and is well-admired as to reduce cortisol levels as well as helping in relaxation of both the mind and the body. As per Italian studies, when the magnolia bark is combined with magnesium it reduces anxiety and depression; improves sleep duration and mood. It is best to consume this herb before going to bed as it upholds quick drowsiness; 200 mg capsule is sufficient at times of need.

  • Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is an herb from the mint family is a refreshing citrus plant that has been utilized from years to calm anxiety. Due to its soothing properties, lemon balm helps in reducing depression and boosting mood. It is more effectual in aiding sleeping problems when it is mixed with other beneficial herbs like ginseng, valerian, and chamomile. You can take lemon balm in capsule form or as a tonic or tea.

  • Valerian

The root of this effectual plant is used as a soothing agent and sleep aid. As per various studies, valerian may aid in increasing the sleep duration and reducing the time taken by an individual to fall asleep as well as diminish the occurrences of night awakenings. Consume two to three capsules of valerian before going to bed.


The beneficial properties of above-mentioned effective herbs, especially Korean Red Ginseng and ashwagandha, have made them the best sleeping aids to treat insomnia. But before taking any herb, it is necessary to choose the right dose of the herb to avert any trouble.