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8 Cool and Glam Viking Haircut Looks Trending Right Now

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Before we start discussing our best Viking haircut looks this year, we would like you to answer this. Are you prepared to embrace the coolest viking hairstyles provided by The hairstyle you can rock into war? If the answers for those two questions is yes, then what you need is a Viking haircut, since that is what it is.

We have searched the internet and collected some of the best fresh and trending Viking hairstyles you can rock as a Viking. We are sure you will find one ideal for your face shape and personality trait. Take a peek and be inspired.


  • Viking Long Hair.


This haircut combines elf and Viking, and there is no doubt that the combo is beautiful and inspiring. The smooth pompadour and the braids braided on top completes the look with a blonde ponytail.


  • Casual Viking Haircut.


There are times when you will want to be casual and forget about office things. At this time, casual Viking haircut is the best option to go casual. Opt for half down, half up haircut with minimal four strand braids on either side.


  • French Braid and An Undercut.


Do you know who conquered and captured the northern lands of France also called Normandy? Well, it was the Vikings. The name Normandy means the land which is owned by people from the north (the Vikings). Therefore, French braid and undercut are entirely in order.


  • Nordic Viking Pompadour.


Sometimes, it is the right attitude you need to be the real rugged Viking. Because with the right attitude you can rock a pompadour or a swept-back hairstyle that will change everything. Therefore, perfect your skill as well as your attitude.


  • Long Mohawk Viking Haircut.


As far as rugged Viking haircuts are concerned, this one here is our best pick, and you see why. It is a modern take of traditional Mohawk, elongated and smooth, that cascades gracefully to your back. You can still choose to style some braids to make it appear more Viking-like.


  • The Long Fish Tail.


Do you know what Vikings used to do when they weren’t fighting? Well, they were fishermen. This was necessitated by the rugged nature of their land which was impossible to practise agriculture. Commemorate that by wearing your Viking haircut and pair it with this glam long fishtail braid.


  • Crisscross Man Braids.


Another modification of a man braid that is worn by crisscrossing the braids on the crown. By crisscrossing the braids, you create a beautiful interlinked weave of braids that gradually finishes into a ponytail.


  • Nordic Braids.


This is a classic example of rugged Viking hairstyles. It is achieved by three French braids that culminate into a man bun. The hair is coloured caramel ombre and chocolate and beautifully accentuated by braids themselves.