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7 Effective Ways to Ease a Nasty Cough

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A bad cough can often make you feel like you are sicker than you actually are. This is due to the awful discomfort it creates. When you have a nasty cough, your throat feels raw from all the coughing. At times, you lose your voice. Your chest hurts, your hearing gets compromised, and it’s difficult to sleep.

When you have a cough that is making you miserable, there are different strategies to consider to better manage such discomforts. One example, and the most effective, of course, is taking the best formula cough syrup for your kind of cough (dry or phlegmy).

Combining all of these strategies will not only target and ease the discomforts, but also expedite your recovery from the illness. Here are seven of these strategies that you can try:

1. Make your home more humid.

This is particularly important when you have a dry cough. You need the humidity in the air to prevent your throat from getting too dry and easily irritated.

You can purchase a humidifier or vaporizer. You can even use an aroma diffuser and make the vapor it releases more effective in soothing your dry throat by adding a few drops of essential oil to the water (eucalyptus is a fantastic choice).

2. Try steam therapy before going to bed.

Take a hot, steamy shower to moisturize your nasal passage. Alternatively, place your face above hot steaming water and inhale the steam.

This is another great way to keep your nose and throat moisturized and less prone to that irritating back-of-the-throat scratchiness. Plus, if your cough is caused by congestion, the moisture from the steam can improve your breathing by thinning sticky mucus and making it easy to cough out.

3. Treat yourself to tea and soups.

Hot or warm beverages and soups not only help ease congestion, but they can also make you feel good all over. Tea and soups are rich in vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that can speed up your healing process. But that’s not all — these warm liquid treats can likewise boost your immune system.

And because you consume tea and soup hot, they may help dislodge thick mucus as well so you can dispel them from your system.

4. Take cough pastilles or lozenges.

If you still need to go about your usual activities despite your nasty cough, make sure you have cough pastilles or lozenges with you. These small medicated candies have ingredients that can ease the cough reflex and the discomforts of a dry and raw throat.

Just pop one anytime you feel that annoying tickle in the throat that typically always leads to a coughing fit.

5. Sweat your cough and cold out.

Exercising or working out is also an effective way to prevent and treat a cough. Dedicate 30 to 45 minutes of your day to moderate-intensity exercise to sweat out the toxins from your body.

Studies reveal that getting your sweat on even when you have a cough and cold is highly beneficial in speeding up recovery. It also reduces your likelihood of contracting the same health woe every year.

6. Drink water frequently.

Staying hydrated is super important when you have a cough, and there’s no better way to do that than to drink water often. A healthy consumption of water when you have a cough can also improve your physical comfort by refreshing your body.

According to Fox News, if you easily get tired of drinking your regular mineral water, infusing it with fruits can help. Use sparkling water if you want, especially if you find the bubbles rather soothing for your itchy throat.

7. Apply a topical product to your back, nape, and chest.

There are topical ointments that contain ingredients which suppress cough and help with nasal decongestion, such as eucalyptus, menthol, and camphor. They can loosen mucus and clear your air passage.

Massage the ointment onto your back, the nape of your neck, and your chest. This can effectively undo the tension knots created by coughing too much. It will also help you sleep better at night, which is crucial when you are sick.

A cough is uncomfortable and inconvenient. It’s best to do everything that you can to effectively treat it. Use all of the tips shared here so you can bounce back to health much faster.