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6 Must-Have Minecraft Skins This 2020

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In Minecraft, skins are one of the popular mods that every player wants to have. You can download any Skin that you need and turn your character into anyone, like a famous Hollywood actor or a superhero. Explore Minecraft’s world as Thor or instantly become a sports icon or a rockstar. With many Skins available to download, your main character can be someone you prefer.

There are two essential things to remember before diving into the beautiful and character-inspired universe of Minecraft skins. First, the two skin mod in Minecraft’s universe is the character and world skins. As you can read from the terms, the world skin is responsible for transforming the surroundings, and the character skin will help you alter the looks of the main character. So here’s a list of must-have skins for Minecraft this 2020.


Coming from the cold place in the South Pole, this bird that can’t fly will bring you to the cuteness cloud before knowing it. But it would be best if you were warned because this human-sized and cute Penguin that wanders around isn’t regular. It might be cute, but this aquatic, chilly animal that looks like a bunny has its motives.

Lara Croft

If you heard about Tomb Raider, then you know that Lara Croft is among the most favorite character in the history of video games. Lara is a fearless game character that is always up to the challenge and has a fit body to fight everyone who’s on her way. If you use her skin, there might be many gamer geeks that envy you and set their hearts racing. Move around the Minecraft universe as Laro Croft and enjoy the game.

Stan Lee

If you’re an MCU avid fan, there’s no need for introduction because you already know him. This man is the writer for comic books and the person who created every character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Stan Lee appeared in very Marvel movies as a cameo. Start your world or be an audience on the sidelines and watch every adventure happens.


Psy is a Korean superstar, and you might already know who this guy is. It won’t matter if you’re a Kpop fan or don’t understand the Korean language, but when his song “Gangnam Style” starts to play, you’ll be dancing. That song is the first-ever Youtube video to have a Billion views, and everyone knows him. So use his skin and dance in the Minecraft Universe as a Korean superstar.

Gamer Girl

The only skin that every gamer geek wants, the sought after, and rare to see, it’s the Gamer Girl skin. It’s a fact that most of the gamers are males, but today, it’s rare to find a female who’s also a gamer. This cute skin will allow the users to imagine how a Gamer Girl looks, and people love it.


No one would expect that this finger-snapping and the world-ending bad guy would be adorable in Minecraft’s world. If you use the skin, Thanos even possess Infinity Gauntlet with the Infinity Stones. He won’t be a bad guy here but dive into Minecraft’s universe as the bad-ass dude in the MCU.


Wold Skin or Character Skin, it’s more enjoyable to play Minecraft if you use them. You can explore Minecraft’s World as the character that you want and make a name for yourself. There are more skin mods aside from the mentioned above, and you only need to know where to get them.