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6 Fabulous Shades of Blonde Hair Colour for 2019

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Opting to go for shades of blonde hair provokes a multiple of images, from light blonde accents to total transformations through bleaching and hair colouring. But, despite what you are looking for whether platinum blonde or dark hair, we are here to help you create a more fun blonde. Navigate to this website to learn more.

Having said so, if you have decided to go blonde, you will have to break the styling rules. Regardless of what you want, bear in your mind that the most crucial thing to remember when applying dye on your blonde hair is to get the help from a professional colourist. A good colourist has the expert and knowledge to colour blonde hair and save you bad outcome grief.

  1. Light Ash Blonde Hair.

Light shades of blonde hair is a bright hue of blonde that features a shy or grey tint. We can simply describe it as cool platinum. This colour appears excellent on women with light complexions and lighter colour of the eye. The colour also looks great on fine natural hair where you can also include shades of balayage and ombre all over.

  1. Natural Blonde Hair Shade.

Natural shades of blonde are just the way they are said-it is a shade that appears as if you were born with it. The colour is multi-dimensional and incorporates other similar blonde colours in the same genre of shades. It looks excellent on all skin tones, as long as the colour complements the skin tone. For instance, for light skin choose light shades, and for dark skin, colours go for dark shades.

  1. Strawberry Blonde.

This is a warm tannish-blonde colour that incorporates all the tints of sunshine in it. The colour looks great on fine skin and lighter eyes, and you can achieve t effortlessly. You can create it by starting with a balayage at the base then blending in strawberry blonde to the tips.

  1. Beige Blonde.

Beige shades of blonde hair colour feature dark roots and light, cool highlights. This is an excellent shade to choose if you have the medium skin tone, but ensure you keep some warmer hues to complement your skin tone if necessary. Don’t select orange and ashy tones as they will wash out this colour.

  1. Silver Blonde.

This is a cool colour that gives a blonde shade a sterling hue. It is ideal for ladies with light complexions and lighter eye colours such as green and blue. It is an excellent option for the hair that is naturally graying. If you have dark complexions and dark eyes, include some warm honey shades to avoid the effect of wash out.

  1. Creamy Blonde.

This is a whiter hint of blonde that appears great on medium to dark skin complexions with the dark eye such as black and brown.