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6 Best Books to Remind Your Kids of the Black History

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Do you find it challenging to narrate every significant event of your history to your kids?

As a black parent, you might find it tricky to teach your kids about your glorious history. But fret no more, as you can educate your children about tolerance, care, and compassion with the illustrious list of brilliant books.

Whether you’re seeking black empowerment books in St. Louis County, MO, or biographies in America, you can have them all!

Which Books Emphasize the Black History and Culture?

Every parent finds it hard to impart cultural knowledge to the kids and teens. It’s not only important to teach the future generation about the sufferings but also the accomplishments.

Meanwhile, you shouldn’t limit the process of literary nurturing to black history month only. Instead, evoke the zeal in the youngsters to create a better and equal world by taking notes from the past. And to make it all easier for you, here are the marvels you kids shouldn’t skip!

  1. Henry’s Freedom Box: A True Story From the Underground Railroad (Ellen Levine)

The book sheds light on the discriminatory treatment of blacks and its impact on children. The story unravels around a kid who ships himself in a wooden crate. The motivation behind such an act was the need for a celebration for his birthday.

  1. Whoever You Are (Mem Fox)

No matter if you’re from Missouri or California, the joys are the same. The book emphasizes diversity and equality, and it attempts to depict how each child feels freedom and happiness the same way.

  1. Follow the Drinking Gourd (Jeanette Winter)

The extraordinary tale shows the brilliant courage of the sailors to escape slavery. The rhythmic structure and colorful creatives show the kids the struggle thousands of African-Americans faced while striving for liberty. The book is an inspiring tribute to the hardships and zeal of the Blacks in their battle against the wrongs.

  1. Ride to Remember: A Civil Rights Story (Sharon Langley and Amy Nathan)

The story is based on real-life events. In fact, the co-author Sharon Langley was a part of the struggle as the first child to ride the carousel. The tale unfolds around the peaceful fight for the integration of Gwynn Oak Amusement Park in Maryland.

The book goes on to show how difficult accessing mere entertainment was for the minority.

  1. If You Were a Kid During the Civil Rights Movement (Gwendolyn Hooks and Kelly Kennedy)

Have you ever imagined what St Louis of Missouri looked like back in those days?

The book shares the journey of segregation and demonstrators during the Civil rights movements. The story puts things into perspective for the young readers about the cruelties faced.

  1. Unspeakable: The Tulsa Race Massacre (Carole Boston Weatherford)

The book sheds light on the tragic event of the Tulsa massacre. It informs the readers about the outrageous incident which has been kept behind the curtains for a long time in American history.

No matter which race or ethnicity you belong to, it’s essential to share cultural wisdom with the youngsters. And whether you bank on black empowerment books in  St. Louis County, MO, or the audio versions, you can honor the forefathers’ legacy.

The books and stories develop the character of your kids to see the world in a more inclusive light- by doing away with the lenses of bias.