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5 ways to protect your hair after a transplant

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Having your hair back is the happiest part to cherish with. But after treatment, the work is not done. You have to take proper care of healthy recovery and long-lasting effect. Here are ways to protect your hair by hair transplant clinic in Pune:

  1. Take a break from the gym

If you are gym freak then you have a said new. After Hair transplant, you have to temporarily stop your gymming and running activities. The reason is simple when you exercise you’re more likely to sweat and sweating can call the risk of infection when you have open wounds. It is a preferable to avoid anything that will cause you to unnecessarily sweat. Take a break for at least 10 days after having a hair transplant.

  1. Avoid alcohol

It’s a joy to have your hair back. Be in that joy but don’t celebrate it with alcohol. Drinking alcohol can impact healthy circulation of blood to your head. This can result in a delay in healing your transplant. It is recommended to avoid 10 days of alcohol consumption.

  1. Take a break

Recovery from transplant is a critical process to avoid any infection and to gain effective result. Taking a break can help you lot in this process. Take a break for 15-20 days from work. It is preferable to go for a vacation and enjoy with nature.

  1. Avoid touching

It is human behavior that we want to touch whenever we see something new. When you see your hair again, you’ll be more excited and will have an urge to feel it. For now, let them grow as their roots are weak during their recovery period. Give your comb and hand a little break otherwise you have to find skin specialist in Pune.

  1. Keep your scalp clean

Keep your scalp clean throughout the recovery phase. You will feel soreness and a numb in the places where the treatment has been made. Let the medications and their frequency do its part. You do not attempt to become a doctor and self-treat yourself. Recovery after the operation is critical and takes time.