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5 Top Quality Professional Makeup Worth Investing In for Busy People

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A lot of people these days juggle a thriving career, a demanding home life, and a handful of other responsibilities. Women, mainly, are guiltier of multitasking even if they do not hold a professional job. 


Due to the hecticness of life, it’s common for women to experience days when looking pretty and presentable feels like a chore. Applying makeup is an activity that they have to do, but they do not necessarily enjoy sitting down to do it and do makeup well. 


Fuss-Free Makeup Options

For such situations, makeup artists say the best solution is to find cosmetic or makeup products that will allow these people to put together a flawless look in a no-fuss way. The makeup should not require special tricks to look amazing.


Additionally, the makeup products should hold up well throughout the day, so time-consuming touch-ups are no longer necessary. It’s worth noting, too, that the products should be within budget — professional quality but economical. Busy women do not want to waste time and money on products that are expensive but deliver lackluster results.


So, what exactly are these professional cosmetics that women with hectic lives need? Top beauty experts recommend the following:


1. Long-lasting primer

Base makeup such as a hydrating, skin protecting, and long-wearing primer is an absolute must. With a top quality primer on, you can have the assurance that your makeup will last throughout the day. 


Also, with a healthy formula to protect your skin, you can simply breeze through your skin care routine because the primer can provide the boost your skin needs for a good day look.


2. Full coverage mineral powder foundation

One of the amazing things about the best mineral foundation on the market is it’s so much easier to blend. Plus, it creates an even skin tone without the need for a concealer. Thus, you get that polished look so much faster.


The best mineral foundation even provides a coverage good enough for dark scars, and it lasts a long time. All you need is a good buffing brush to apply, and your base is complete in a couple of minutes. You do not even need a setting powder after you’ve completed your entire makeup, eliminating another step in the process.


3. All-in-one neutral makeup palette

 A palette with a bronzer, blush, highlighter, a few neutral eyeshadows, and even a couple of lip colors is an excellent investment, and top makeup brands have these. 


With a neutral makeup palette, you get everything you need, such as a dark enough eyeshadow that can double as brow powder, and cheek products that can also work as eye products. Mixing and matching for a polished makeup look is a breeze when you have an all-in-one neutral palette.


4. Basic brush kit

A basic brush kit is something you will find in every professional makeup artist’s arsenal. 


These are the typical items in a brush kit:


  • Big fluffy brush that you can use for mineral powder foundation setting powder or blush
  • Angled face brush for contour
  • Highlighting brush 
  • Fluffy eyeshadow brush for eye and nose contour
  • Flat eyeshadow brush that you can use different ways for eyeshadow application
  • Angled liner brush that you can also use for the eyebrows
  • Lip brush


With these seven brushes, you can create basic to glam looks effortlessly.


5. Full volume mascara

Most full volume mascaras come with a curved spoolie. This spoolie curls, lengthens and thickens mascara with every brush. If you do not want to bother with an eyelash curler, this is the perfect product to invest in to create perky lashes that can instantly make you look more awake.


If you want to get better results with such a mascara, consider throwing in an eyelash serum or treatment. The serum will improve the look of your lashes by lengthening and thickening them, so in the future, mascara can just be an optional step in your makeup routine.


Take It From the Pros

Professional makeup artists know about the real deal — the best brands, and even how to procure the makeup products that are top quality, and consistently deliver the results you want.


So, for busy makeup-wearing women who want to put together a no-nonsense makeup kit, they can use for all occasions, the products above are absolute must-haves.


Marco Caporossi is the CEO and Co-Founder of Alema Professional GmbH. The company is a professional cosmetics distributor and wholesaler in Switzerland, and it offers a selection of products and services in line with the latest beauty market trends. Alema Professional establishes business partnerships with some of the most prestigious US and international brands that specialize in nail care, spa manicure and pedicure, skin care, and wellness rituals for the body.