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5 Tips for Storing Office Furniture in a Storage Rental Unit

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The right set of furniture is vital in making an office functional and productive. They enhance the look and appeal of the overall workspace as well. Because of these reasons, furnishings are one of the biggest investments business owners have to make.

As a business owner, you will invest in various office furniture pieces frequently as well. When your team grows, you will need to buy more chairs, desks, and other furnishings which new employees need.

Additionally, if your furniture becomes damaged or begins to look outdated, you will have to replace them as well.

But with office furniture pieces being highly expensive, throwing them away when they look old and worn out or have a bit of damage is not exactly a smart idea.

There will come a time when you may find some use for them. Also, you may be able to sell them in the future; this way, even though you may not recoup your full investment, you will get to earn something.

Keeping your old furnishings in your office is not a good idea as well. Even if you have a spacious workplace, your premises will be cramped if you keep them with you.

Whether you plan on using or selling your old furniture in the future, the best way to preserve and keep them is to store them in one of the most recommended storage rental units in your area.

How to Properly Store Office Furniture

Finding the right storage unit to rent will help ensure all your furniture pieces won’t get more damaged while stored. To preserve their condition, follow these storage tips:

  1. Create an inventory

Knowing the size, type, and quantity of furniture pieces you will store will help you choose the right unit to rent.

Your inventory will allow you to avoid wasting money on hiring a unit that is too large. Conversely, you won’t have to worry about renting another one or keeping some of your furniture in your office because you selected a small unit.

Additionally, with an inventory, you will quickly know the exact items you have in the storage unit. If you need a particular furniture piece to use temporarily or someone is interested in buying some furnishings, pull out the list to check if you have them. You can then visit your unit and bring out the item you need.

  1. Clean all furniture thoroughly

To protect your furniture while in storage, make sure they are spotless before transporting them to the unit. By doing so, you will reduce the chances of mold growing and dust spreading on these items.

Additionally, when you thoroughly clean all furniture before storing them, you will prevent any offensive odor from spreading within the unit and even to nearby ones.

Below are some tips for cleaning furniture before storing them:

  • Use a solution of water with mild soap for cleaning wooden furniture, including tables and desks. To preserve and protect the finish, use a gentle wood cleaning product.
  • Remove any existing corrosion and prevent the buildup of tarnish on metal furniture or sections by buffing them with a metal cleaner and polishing cloth.
  • Follow the right steps to clean fabric furniture or parts. These include using an upholstery or fabric cleaner for couches or seat cushions. Also, make sure the item is completely dry before packing it up.
  1. Take apart furniture that can be disassembled

To further reduce the likelihood of damaging your furniture, remove table legs, drawers, and other parts that can be detached. When you take your items apart before transporting and storing them, you will find it easier to move and carry them.

To avoid losing screws and make reassembly faster, place them in sealable bags and label them appropriately. Then, tape this bag to the biggest part of the furniture.

  1. Wrap each item with long-term storage in mind

Place a protective cover over wooden furniture to keep it from getting scratched or damaged. You can use furniture pads, white cloth, or moving blankets for this purpose.

If you want to use shrink or bubble wrap, make sure you cover the item with furniture pads, blankets, or cloth first since plastic can trap any moisture between it and the wood. This can lead to condensation and cause the wood to expand.

Lastly, loosely drape blankets or pieces of cloth on other types of furniture to protect them from dust and at the same time, allow them to breathe.

  1. Organize your storage unit

Finally, avoid cramming too many items into your unit. If you do, you will end up breaking and damaging a lot of these items.

To ensure you maximize the available space, take some time to organize your storage unit for easy access, and to allow air to flow freely inside.

A good way to do this is to put large furniture in the back. Additionally, ensure there is an aisle to access the back and sides of your unit.

When you follow the tips above, you will maximize your storage rental unit. You will get more from your old furniture as well, whether you intend to use them again or sell them in the future.

About the Author:

Chris Humphrey is the General Manager of Easytruck Moving & Storage. In 2013, the company combined their expertise in professional moving services and storage to create an entirely new approach to the business – and mobile storage was born! Easytruck now operates over 30,000 sq.ft. of air-conditioned facilities in three convenient locations in Dubai and is the only Mobile Storage operator in the UAE.