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5 Shoulder Stretches That Provide Relief Anytime

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The shoulder area offers support to the arms, which are busier than any other part of the body. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or not, you will realize that most daily activities are done using the hands. For instance, lifting, doing most bodyweight workouts, and even typing on your laptop. All of these activities cause a lot of tension and pain in the shoulders. According to health and fitness experts, one has to know the basic stretches that relieve this pain at any time of day. Here are the five most basic yet useful stretches you can rely on to relieve shoulder pains.

Back Scratcher

This is one of the easiest ways to stretch the shoulders anywhere. You have probably seen students do this when they are tired of writing. Likewise, office workers who spend most of their time typing can do this a couple of times a day.

You need to start by raising your arms up and touching your back. Scratch your back with the right arm and then with the left for 15 seconds each. Repeat the procedure for about 15 reps for the best effect.

Cross Over Stretch

This stretch is very effective and can also be done by anyone. It is simple to perform. All you need to do is bring one hand across the chest. Cross the other hand over it to pull it as close to the chest as possible. This exercise is suitable for athletes who rely on steroids from and other reputable sellers to enhance their workouts. After heavy lifting, high bar squats, and presses, this is the right way to relieve your shoulder pain.

The Corridor Stretch

If your shoulders are painful after various activities, you still have this exercise to stretch them. You need to lean one hand on a wall, pole, or another person and stand parallel to it. With the wall as a support, turn away as far as possible without letting go of the wall support. Hold in position for 15 seconds and repeat with the other hand. Five sets of these stretches will make a big difference in you.

Thigh Grip and Pull

Footballers and many other athletes stretch their shoulders using this simple workout. You do not need any support or equipment to achieve it. Stand with your legs slightly apart for support and bend forward. Bring your right hand to the left thigh and hold it firmly. Cross the left hand to grip the right thigh and hold it firmly as well. Pull the thighs together, applying force until the shoulders have stretched enough. Release after 15 seconds and repeat the procedure five more times for the best results.

Reverse Prayer Stretch

This is also a test of whether your arms are flexible enough. It is best combined with back scratcher stretch. It is easy to pose like you are praying with your arms together at the front, but when you do this in reverse so that the arms are behind the back, the effect on the shoulders is great. Try this or any other exercise as discussed for the best shoulder strain relief.