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5 Myths About eSports

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There are quite a lot of myths when it comes to eSports. As such, we have decided to look at some of the most common ones. In this article, we will point out 5 myths about eSports that must finally be broken and explain why they are actually myths.

Myth #1: Large Tournament Organizers Cover All Team Expenses

Fans tend to think that organizers pay for all expenses, such as accommodation, visas, food, and drinks. However, that is not the case. Teams have to cover these expenses on their own. Most of them use the money received from their sponsors or money won in the previous tournaments.

Myth #2: The Biggest Expense Are Players’ Salaries

This one is a very common misconception. Even for the best eSports team, which have the highest-paid players, this is not the case. According to publicly available information, players’ salaries do not exceed 40% of teams’ expenses. The other 60% or more goes for covering travels costs, taxes, office rents, accommodations, visas, etc.

Myth #3: Only Young Players Can Be Pros

Many think that most professional eSport players are teenagers but this is not the case. There are already many pros that are over thirty years old. As with most sports out there, players tend to be at their best in mid-twenties and eSports are no exception. For an average player, this is the age when he/she has the best reflexes, which plays a major role in one’s results. However, as the eSports industry matures, the age of players is increasing. As such, we can expect the players’ age to go up in the upcoming years. Basically, there is no age restriction, as long as you have the skill to beat others, you can be a professional eSports athlete.

Myth #4: Players Have to Win to Be Paid

Fans tend to believe that players don’t get paid unless they win. If that was the case, most players wouldn’t make money at all. That might have been the case about 10 years ago when most of the players weren’t pros. However, nowadays, basically, all are pros – paid pros, to be exact. As such, they are full-time employees with pre-agreed monthly or weekly salaries. Furthermore, the winning prize brings them a bonus, however, most of it stays with the organization to cover the above-mentioned expenses.

Myth #5: eSports Are Not a Real Sport

We saved this one for last since it makes quite an injustice to eSports players and everyone else involved in eSports. It might be a bit difficult for many of us to make that switch in our perception needed to see “playing computer games” as a sport. However, that doesn’t change the fact that eSports are a real sport. There is a lot of practice, training, and other preparations involved, the same as in any other real sport. Furthermore, players must be fit and able to retain a very high level of concentration for longer periods. As such, being an eSport pro is no walk in the park.

These were the 5 Myths About eSports, which are now officially broken. Thank you for checking them out and make sure to correct those who might claim otherwise.